Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Selections! 10/24/2009

So to break things up a little bit, ever Saturday I'm going to post 4 to 6 pieces from different people that relate to the season, closest holiday, or just something random I happen to think about. :)

Being that it's fall and coming up on Halloween, I decided that this week's theme is pumpkins! Whether they are orange or yellow, big or small, carved or plain, they add the perfect touch to your home and yard in these crisp cold days before winter. Here are some of my favorite pumpkins on Etsy. I hope you like them too! :)

** I was trying to make this into a cute little html table that looked vaguely like a Treasury, and I failed miserably. So before next week I will do some research as to how exactly I'm supposed to do that here. Until then enjoy the list of my favorite pumpkin pieces on Etsy! :) **

Fall Harvest Pumpkin - Classy Wool Felt Pin, Brooch, or Hair Clip by pammydawn

Knitted Pumpkins Centerpiece by KangarooKnits

Dollhouse Miniature Autumn Cake by fairchildart

Pumpkin No. 2 / clay figurine by ColdPorcelainDesigns

Satsuma Felt Food Sculpture by britishcreamtea

Autumn Pumpkin Felt Pincushion with Three Decorative Fall Pins by Me!

Have a happy Saturday everyone!

Later! :)


  1. Sweet! Thanks so much for posting about my pumpkin hair clip/pin! :)


  2. You're welcome! It's too cute! :)



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