Friday, July 31, 2009

I am so nervous!!! :)

So one of my husband and I's favorite TV shows is Good Eats with Alton Brown on Food Network. It's a great show, and if you've never seen it you should watch it. :) Anyway, this year is the show's 10th Anniversary, so they are filming 2 live shows (the first live shows ever!) in Georgia. In honor of this, they are having a contest where you can enter a picture or a 1 minute (or less) video about how you are Alton Brown's biggest fan and why you should win tickets! So I spent probably 30 hours (not straight of course) making sculpey sculptures of the opening credits to the show, and my brother Alex helped me make a little video with the theme song in the background. And I just posted it! Now I'm nervous that it's not very good. :( At least it's not as good as I would like it to be. Cause I want it to be perfect. Cause I'm anal like that. :) Anyway, here is the link to my post:

Good Eats Opening

And here are picks of the "flying food" cause they are kinda hard to see in the video.

And the finished Logo! :)

It kinda looks flat in the pic, but it is really very 3 dimensional!

Well I hope you like these. :) Sorry if I'm being a wee bit silly. ;)


Wow time flys when you are wasting time...

So hanging out in the FS Chat on Etsy is not a very good way to get things done. It's actually the opposite of getting things done! :) Well now that my kids are all awake and fed (and I'm no longer hanging out in the chat rooms), I think I shall attempt to finish my Harry Potter ornament. Wish me luck! :)


Thursday, July 30, 2009

They came out great! :)

I'm so happy! I finally got some good pics of my food magnets! For some reason though I still can't seem to get a good pic of the ice cream cone. And I really can't figure out why. Oh well...

Here check them out: Autumn2May on Etsy!

I think I shall be done for the night now.

Goodnight! :)

Man it's hot out this week!

Back from my mom's. I got a lot of pictures taken, but I haven't looked at them yet. That's next on the list. Oh I took pics of my brother's (Digital Mushroom's) stuff to, so technically he can post stuff as soon as I finish fixing them! :)

In other news, my cousin Heather (Gilliantwo), Amber's (The Wandering Knitter's) younger sister, opened her Etsy shop today! She has some scarves posted at the moment, but will also be selling some knitted flowers! :) Make sure you check out her shop! Here's one of her scarves!

Pretty isn't it? :)

All right now on to fix pics!


That was great! :)

Okay so I'm moving a little slow this morning...umm...afternoon. I decided to take a nap when the boys went down at 9 and they just woke me up! :) That was great! :)

Next on the list of this to do is lunch, then my mom's house for the day.


To Nana's House We Go!

Today is Hamilton day. Heading into Hamilton Square with the kids to visit my mom, so my children stop driving me nuts! They like Nana & Papa's house better then ours cause Nana's house has a kiddie pool! :) Of course I think it's supposed to rain all day, but at least we'll get out of the house for a bit. I'm bringing my felt stuff with me. And I'll either work on my Harry Potter shield, or maybe make a couple quick fall ornaments. Depends on my mood.

I think my magnets from last night came out okay. I need to make a few more "interesting" ones. I think the ones from last night are a little plain. Not that that's bad or anything, I just like the harder to make ones better for some reason.

Okay I think I'll work on Harry Potter, till it's time for the boys nap. I need a nap too this morning! :)

Thanks Magnet

Oh and here is the pic of the "Thanks" magnet! Hopefully I can get better pictures taken tomorrow. Goodnight for real this time! :)


Oh my gosh my brains are gone! But I finished! I have to tell you, even though I feel dumb admitting I can't cook clay tonight, These pieces almost didn't make it!

I made up 4 magnets including the "word" magnet I was talking about. I put them all on the tray, then I preheated the oven. This is where the problems begin... One of the babies started fussing, so I got up set the timer and went and checked on him, but forgot to put them in the oven! So I came back and waited the 15 minutes for the timer to go off. BEEP! Go to the oven, turn it off, open it, and there they are...gone! So I take them off the table, put them in the oven, reset the timer and wait another 15 minutes. BEEP! Go to the oven, open it, take them out and notice that they are not cooked...cause THE OVEN IS OFF! ARG! So I turn on the oven, put them in, and then stop and try to figure out how long I should cook them now, cause the oven was hot, just not on. I put them in for half the time. BEEP! Nope not done, 5 more minutes. BEEP! I don't care if they are done or not they are coming out! Luckily this time they were done. ~sigh~ You'd think I hadn't done this like 20 times in the last 2 months! :)

So I finally got them posted. Please check them out they took me an hour to cook! :)

Goodnight everyone! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Found one!

Okay so I have decided on Psalms 136:1 - "O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever." I liked "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." but it's in 1 Thessalonians (5:18), and there is no way Thessalonians will fit! So back to work!



I have writers block...well sorta. I can't think of what to put on this magnet. I ended up with cool red and orange swirl clay after I finished my maple leaf, so I thought I would make another word magnet (example here). But I'm not sure what to put. It kinda looks like fire, so I was think "passion", but their aren't any good verses for passion. Then I was thinking "sacirfice", but I didn't really find any that really struck me either. I already have a "love". Though I guess I could do another one. Then I was thinking since it's fall colors I could do "thanks" or "thankful". I actually like "thankful", but the clay retangle came out kinda small, and I'm not sure that I could fit it well. Maybe I'll see what "thanks" verses I can find, and if I don't find one I'll do "thankful". I know I can find one for "thankful"!

Okay, sorry about that, I just needed to clear my head. Words tend to get stuck in my brain. :)


Sigh far today I have made one magnet. And it's not even baked yet! My kids were fine all morning until people showed up, then they were fussy for the rest of the day! Arg! I did get to help my cousin Amber (The Wandering Knitter) fix her pictures some. You should check it out! The chessboard in the pictures is the one I got my husband as a college graduation present. I retook a couple of pics of my stuff too, but I'm still not happy with the way most of them came out; except the wizard! His pic is cute! :)

Well now that my husband is home and it's getting to be bedtime for my kids I think I shall leave computer land and do some more sculpey. I hate having to bake just one piece! Though actually my brother Tony (DigitalMushroom) made two pieces after he finished playing with his banner. I think he only finished one though (I have to check). Oh and just so he doesn't yell at me. His banner (and shop) are NOT finished yet. He still has to tweak the banner.

Okay my husband is now kicking me off the computer. Later!

You've fooled around long enough.

Now is the time. The time to clean up my area, so when my guests get here they have places to sit! ~yuck~ This of course is my least favorite part of being a slightly messy person. ;) On the upside we just discovered there is a Japanese delivery place down the street from my house, so we get sushi for lunch! :) Okay, time to get my butt in gear.

~Yawn~ I wish mornings were later in the day... Well anyway, today is Craft Circle Day! I'm gonna be working on some fall and/or back to school magnets in sculpey. It's always easier to work with sculpey when there are other people here, so I'm not constantly washing my hands when the kids go nuts.

I forget what I posted last night, but I did in fact finish the red background (and detail) of the Gryffindor ornament. While I'm waiting for the kids to go down for their morning nap, I believe I will start doing the detail on the yellow outside part.

Oh and I must remember to see who's coming today. I think I might have "extra" people today! :)


P.S. I missed getting into the Treasury last night by like 5 seconds!!! :P


It is soooo time for bed. I hope my husband doesn't read this tomorrow, or he will not be happy with me. :) I did get a little more done, but mostly I just fooled around on Etsy... Goodnight world!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The husband has returned!

Yay! Now I can work without lots of interuption. Working with no interuption only happens when everyone is asleep! I'm done with the background red and now I'm gonna start on the lion. This will probably be the hardest part, unless the wording gives me trouble. Hmm...well we'll see!


My "little artists" created a masterpiece in crayon...on my carpet. ~Sigh~ Luckily it is washable crayon. I'm still not sure why they make non-washable crayons...

Harry Potter Ornament

So here is my progress so far.

The stiching is taking slightly longer then I thought, but that's mostly cause I'm doing it during the day, when "they" are awake.

Current Project

So my current project (as in the one I'm working on this second) is a Harry Potter felt ornament. I'm gonna make all of the house shields and I am starting with Gryffindor, cause that's the only one I have all the colors for at the moment. If I finish today (before bedtime) I think I'll make up a couple Christmas type ornament designs. I know I'm going to do inital ornaments like I made for the family a couple years ago. They were cute and didn't use a lot of felt. If I had my camera over here I would take an "in progress" picture of the Harry Potter ornament, but it's all the way in the livingroom (meaning it's on the other side of the baby gate) and I'm being lazy right now! :P I promise I'll do it next time I have to break up a "NO IT MINE!" fight. Okay it's hard to sew while typing.



So I haven't had a blog in a looooong time (well not one that I've updated recently), so I decided to start fresh. Hmm...where to start. Well, I'm a mom. I have 3 boys all under 3. I live in New Jersey and my husband has a BA in math works as an investment analyst. I work at trying to making crafts while (and at the same time) watching 3 boys under 3! :)

I have been doing crafts my whole life. My mom used to have a craft business at various points in my childhood. She did quilts, needlepoint, stuffed animals, lit Christmas baskets (which were awesome!), and salt dough ornaments (back before sculpey became popular). It must have rubbed off on me cause I've been doing little "craft" projects as long as I can remember.

My favorite mediums are felt, sculpey, paint, and scrapbooking "stuff." :) I just recently (end of June '09) opened up a shop on Etsy.


Right now I have a bunch of sculpey magnets and ornaments for sale, but I'm working on some felt ornaments and a felt perpetual calender. The ornaments will be posted pretty soon. I'm not too sure about the calender. :) The last felt calender I made was an advent calender. And it took me 2 years to finish! :) I'll post a pic of it when I find it.

I also host a "Craft Circle" day once a week. My 2 cousins and my middle younger brother come over on Wednesdays and we all work on stuff for our Etsy shops. Here is Amber's shop:

The Wandering Knitter

Her sister is going to set one up very soon, as is my brother. He already has an Etsy name (DigitalMushroom) but no shop yet. We as a group are going to get a table at the Ocean Grove Craft Fair on Labor Day and see if we can sell some more of our stuff. And maybe boost traffic to our sites with some business cards.

Okay been ignoring my kids long enough. I hear them trying to construct a tower of their toy boxes...

Later! :)


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