Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So I haven't had a blog in a looooong time (well not one that I've updated recently), so I decided to start fresh. Hmm...where to start. Well, I'm a mom. I have 3 boys all under 3. I live in New Jersey and my husband has a BA in math works as an investment analyst. I work at trying to making crafts while (and at the same time) watching 3 boys under 3! :)

I have been doing crafts my whole life. My mom used to have a craft business at various points in my childhood. She did quilts, needlepoint, stuffed animals, lit Christmas baskets (which were awesome!), and salt dough ornaments (back before sculpey became popular). It must have rubbed off on me cause I've been doing little "craft" projects as long as I can remember.

My favorite mediums are felt, sculpey, paint, and scrapbooking "stuff." :) I just recently (end of June '09) opened up a shop on Etsy.


Right now I have a bunch of sculpey magnets and ornaments for sale, but I'm working on some felt ornaments and a felt perpetual calender. The ornaments will be posted pretty soon. I'm not too sure about the calender. :) The last felt calender I made was an advent calender. And it took me 2 years to finish! :) I'll post a pic of it when I find it.

I also host a "Craft Circle" day once a week. My 2 cousins and my middle younger brother come over on Wednesdays and we all work on stuff for our Etsy shops. Here is Amber's shop:

The Wandering Knitter

Her sister is going to set one up very soon, as is my brother. He already has an Etsy name (DigitalMushroom) but no shop yet. We as a group are going to get a table at the Ocean Grove Craft Fair on Labor Day and see if we can sell some more of our stuff. And maybe boost traffic to our sites with some business cards.

Okay been ignoring my kids long enough. I hear them trying to construct a tower of their toy boxes...

Later! :)

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