Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Current Project

So my current project (as in the one I'm working on this second) is a Harry Potter felt ornament. I'm gonna make all of the house shields and I am starting with Gryffindor, cause that's the only one I have all the colors for at the moment. If I finish today (before bedtime) I think I'll make up a couple Christmas type ornament designs. I know I'm going to do inital ornaments like I made for the family a couple years ago. They were cute and didn't use a lot of felt. If I had my camera over here I would take an "in progress" picture of the Harry Potter ornament, but it's all the way in the livingroom (meaning it's on the other side of the baby gate) and I'm being lazy right now! :P I promise I'll do it next time I have to break up a "NO IT MINE!" fight. Okay it's hard to sew while typing.


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