Monday, August 30, 2010

Not going to post a lot this week...

...but I promise I will be back after the craft show, that happens to be THIS SATURDAY AAAAAAHHH! :O Kidding! :) I'm not quite panicking yet. I probably should be as I have yet to even do a mock up of the tables, but I guess I'm still in the denial stage of this craft show. ;)

Anyway, today's mini treasury's theme is one of my favorites! Its theme is Needlecraft! Obviously I'm slightly biased, as am I a sewer, but I still think it's a really cool category. I thought this might be a difficult treasury to make, since I figured most of the needlecraft pieces would be in the needlecraft category, but boy was I wrong! There are so many talented needlecraft artists in all of the categories it was actually hard to choose which pieces to use, rather then it being hard to find items to use at all. :) And without further a due, here is today's mini treasury! Enjoy!

DIY Embroidery Card Kit by curiousdoodles

Embroidered Felt Clovers Pincushion by SeaPinks

Mossy Green Felted Wool Acorns by greenbaboondesigns

Custom Scrabble Tile Bag by samann1121

Red Flowers Handmade Appliques by BizimSupplies

Avocado Needle Felted Wool Pin by pammydawn

And of course with that many awesome artists, I had to make a big treasury to go with it! You can check it out here! :)

Oh and I'm reposting the coupon for the Craft Fair in Ocean Grove, NJ this weekend. In case you missed it!

You can check out more info on the craft show in my last post here. Wish me luck! I'll probably post one more time before the show, but if not I'll see you all next week! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy Week!

So this week has turned out much more hectic then I thought it would be. Monday was great! My husband stayed home and we went out to lunch without the kids, then had his parents over for dinner. :) That evening was when it started to get slightly crazy. Apparently something my husband ate did NOT agree with him and he ended up sick the rest of the night. So he stayed home on Tuesday as well! Which I don't mind generally speaking, but he kind of interrupted my "Monday". Monday is usually one of my busiest days, because I'm packing orders, answering mail, and cleaning the house from the weekend. With him home, for some reason, it becomes more difficult to get things done on time. :) Luckily by Tuesday night he was feeling fine again, so he went back to work on Wednesday.

Wednesday I got a lot done including posting a bunch of vintage pieces & getting some descriptions written up. And today looks good for pictures (finally) so hopefully I'll get a bunch of stuff posted today and tomorrow as well! I also finished to new ornaments, a mask and a sun! They came out cute!

Also, there is only a week and a half left before the craft fair! And I'm not ready. :( I have a bunch of little stuff to make up, plus I just realized that all my table decorations are packed and in my attic! But I'm not panicking yet! That can wait till next week. :)

Anyway (long post today), in and amongst all of the stuff going on this week, I did get another mini treasury made up! :) This one is based on the Paper Goods category. I like the way the colors turned out on this one, and I hope you do to! Enjoy! :)

Eight Crane Origami Mobile by roundhousedesigns

Blue Recycled Magazines Tree Shadowbox colorstorydesigns

Alice and the White Rabbit Hand-Cut Shadow Puppets by IsabellasArt

Turquoise Cherry Blossoms Hand Painted Paper Parasol by ARTintersect

Blue Journal with Floral Spine by AnnReneeLighter

3D Paper Airplane Mug by DirtyDishesPottery

And of course, here's the link to the big treasury. :)

Since the craft show is sneaking up on me quickly, I guess I should give you guys some more information on it, in case you live in the area and would like to come and see my stuff in person. :)

The craft show is on September 4, in Ocean Grove, NJ right on the beach! :)

Screen Shot of Map from Google (click to enlarge)

Close up Map of my Booth Location (click to enlarge)

If you are able to attend, I've even got a coupon for you! One per person please! :)

Just print this out, and bring it with you to the show. And if you forget it, that's okay too. Just mention you saw the coupon on my blog. :) There were a lot of people last year, and hopefully the weather will be nice and there will be plenty of people there again this year! Hope to see you there! :)

Okay that's enough fooling around for today. Time to get back to work! ;) Have a great day! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ah Monday!

How I love thee! :D No don't worry, it's really me and I'm perfectly fine! I'm actually happy today is Monday, because my lovely husband has taken the day off and we our going out to lunch WITHOUT the kids!!! Haven't done that in a LONG time. :) So not only does this week not have a "Monday", I also get yummy food, AND a kid free afternoon! Who could ask for anything more? :) Oh, you want me to do another mini treasury too? Okay, since I'm in a really good mood, here is today's mini treasury!

This one was actually a little tricky, because it was based on the Patterns category. What I ended up doing was using two different types of items. Half of the pieces were made using upcycled sewing patterns and the other half of the pieces are patterns or tutorials. I think it turned out really cute! I hope you like it!

Back to School Nostalgic Journal by VintageScraps

Jacobean Flower Wool Work Pattern by ThreeSheepStudio

DIY Felt Lovely Cookies Pattern by fairyfox

Sewing Pattern Tea Lights Holders by CarolinaCottage

Vintage Sewing Pattern Bracelet by foundandmade

Vintage Uncut 1940s ewing Pattern by ZipZapKap

And if you think that the mini treasury has neat stuff in it, you should check out the big treasury that matches it! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy, busy!

Today my husband decided it would be a good idea to hang our TV up on the wall. I agree with the plan in general, but I am NOT looking forward to the mess and noise this is going to create. :) I think he's just doing it cause now he gets to knock holes in the wall and play with power tools. ;) Anyway, as I am busy herding children away from the construction zone today, I didn't get a chance to make a mini post for today's treasury. But, I did finish the big one. :) So here you go!

- Pets Across Etsy -

Have a great day! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

So hungry...

I should not work on food related blog posts right before lunch! Now I have a major case of the munchies! And even though none of this food is actually edible, I'm sure after looking at today's treasury, you will too! Today is the latest treasury in my Across Etsy series. It features the edible half of the Plants and Edibles category. Enjoy! :)

Chocolate Cake - 4x6 Photograph by ValeriaH

Strawberry Jam Toast Goats Milk Soap by soapopotamus

Smoked Salmon Volauvent Felt Food by britishcreamtea

Scrumptious Sandwich Cookie Necklace by glamasaurus

Soft Boiled Egg Fake Food by FakeFoodDecor

Lettuce Relax - Crochet Veggie Toy by AlethaFaye

Now that you're good and hungry, make sure you check out the big treasury for dessert! ;) Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm loosing my marbles...

Okay that's not exactly accurate, I'm selling my marbles. Is that better? I'm not sure. :) But seriously I got a WHOLE bunch of vintage stuff posted this week, including a bunch of really cool vintage marbles! You can check them out in my Vintage Marbles section of my shop if you like. :) I also posted some vintage tea cups and nutcrackers in my main Vintage Collectibles section. But mostly I've been tweaking my shop and catching up on Etsy news. If you haven't been to Etsy for a while you should check it out, all the shops now have a new wide format! You can see mine here! :)

And of course the other thing I've been up to is my treasury making. :) Today's mini treasury is based on half of the Plants & Edibles category. I figured since they are two different things I'd give them two different treasuries. Enjoy! :)

Grassy Blades of Beeswax Pot Candle by kokocandles

Green Leaves Silver Wire Earrings by KUKLAstudio

Topiaries Watercolor No. 2 Print by mossylanestudio

Last Leaf Handspun 2-ply Yarn by travelingrhinos

24 Edible Sugar Leaves by andiespecialtysweets

Tall Grass King Sized Pillow by pillowhappy

You can check out the big treasury that matches it here! Have a great day! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

So much to do... little time to do it. I am so not ready for this craft show next month! I need to get my butt in gear and make some magnets and pincushions, or my table is going to be empty! I did get a lot of stuff done this weekend, but I still have a lot to do this week. I have a whole bunch of vintage stuff to post, including some medium format cameras and lenses, and I have a bunch of half finished projects to finish, on top of cleaning and chasing my crazy kids around! :) Everybody wish me luck! This promises to be a crazy week! :)

Anyways, today's mini treasury is inspired by quilts all over Etsy. My mom collects quilts. She has a million of them! So it was interesting to me to find quilts on Etsy that weren't really quilts. :) Enjoy!

Quilted Ceramic Coffee Pot by Mullox

Hand Dyed Quilted Bookmark by rubymountaindyeworks

Nine Square - Watercolor Painting by Niceharpy

Link Quilted Pillow Cover - Blue by raindrops23

Charlie Baby Quilt by kunklebaby

Large Walnut Lazy Susan by woodmosaics

Make sure you also check out the big treasury here. Have a great day! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Bacon!

Okay, I'm taking a break from my treasury series, to show you what I've been doing lately. :) I've created a couple new ornaments in the last couple weeks. The first couple are old ideas that have have recreated as ornaments. Long, LONG ago, I made a felt advent calender from scratch. It took me two years on and off to finish it.

So I thought this year it might be fun to remake some of the little advent ornaments into full sized ornaments! :) The first one I did was the easiest:

Red Felt Heart Christmas Ornament

I'm thinking of make up a pink one and making a listing for a pick your own color heart listing. We'll see. :) Then I moved on to a slightly more complex one (and my favorite from the calender):

Snow Globe with Red House Felt Christmas Ornament

This was a fun piece to do, though for some reason, I had a heck of a time with the base! I just couldn't decide how I wanted it to look. But I think it came out really cute! :)

Then I made up a couple new pieces. I while back I had bought some yummy colored felt from TheDailyPincushion. I used some of it to make my sushi pincushions and ornaments, but the rest got lost in the shuffle when we moved. While the kids were sick, one of the things I did was organize my workspace a bit better, and in the process I found all my cool colored felt! So I decided to put it to good use and make this:

Strawberry Hand Sewn Felt Christmas Ornament

Isn't that strawberry felt delicious? :) I must have been in a food mood, because the other piece I made with the new felt was: bacon!

Felt Bacon Breakfast Hand Sewn Ornament

Yeah, I'm not exactly sure why I made felt bacon either, but it turned out really cute! And on that note, I've made up a little bit of bacon heaven, for your enjoyment! Please don't eat the pictures!

Candied Chipotle Bacon by HashDelectableEdible

The Big Breakfast Felt Pin by pippindesigns

Felt Bacon Breakfast Hand Sewn Ornament by Autumn2May

Bacon - Use Your Words Framed Embroidery Wall Art by DearNight

Mini Side Dish of Breakfast Bacon by EverydayGourmet

Bacon - Print of Original Oil Painting by mgenomgeno

Oh and here is the link to the full sized bacon treasury! I hope you're hungry!

That's it for now. Have a yummy day! :D


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