Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm loosing my marbles...

Okay that's not exactly accurate, I'm selling my marbles. Is that better? I'm not sure. :) But seriously I got a WHOLE bunch of vintage stuff posted this week, including a bunch of really cool vintage marbles! You can check them out in my Vintage Marbles section of my shop if you like. :) I also posted some vintage tea cups and nutcrackers in my main Vintage Collectibles section. But mostly I've been tweaking my shop and catching up on Etsy news. If you haven't been to Etsy for a while you should check it out, all the shops now have a new wide format! You can see mine here! :)

And of course the other thing I've been up to is my treasury making. :) Today's mini treasury is based on half of the Plants & Edibles category. I figured since they are two different things I'd give them two different treasuries. Enjoy! :)

Grassy Blades of Beeswax Pot Candle by kokocandles

Green Leaves Silver Wire Earrings by KUKLAstudio

Topiaries Watercolor No. 2 Print by mossylanestudio

Last Leaf Handspun 2-ply Yarn by travelingrhinos

24 Edible Sugar Leaves by andiespecialtysweets

Tall Grass King Sized Pillow by pillowhappy

You can check out the big treasury that matches it here! Have a great day! :)

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