Sunday, August 8, 2010

Okay I admit it...

...I've run out of ideas for blog posts. Well, that was until I was thinking about how I normally make up a post after I have a theme in mind. :) Normally what I do when I make up a blog post, is take the theme of the day, like peridot, and I go to Etsy and put the theme into the search on the main page. Then I start at the bottom category on the list and see if there is anything that would match my theme in each category. This way, I get a good mix of types of items, instead of getting a lot of the same thing.

So I decided that it might be fun to use each category's title as the main word in a search and then check out all the other categories and see what I come up with. :) So far it's been a lot of fun! :) I started with the bottom category on the main page, and I'm working my way up. The categories on the Etsy homepage are in alphabetical order, so the first one I did was Woodworking. And if you have been reading my blog you'll notice that my Woodworking treasury made it to the Front Page! :D

Today I made up the second treasury in the series. Its them is Weddings! Enjoy! :)

2 Hand Engraved Wine Glasses by daydreemdesigns

Dollhouse Mini Meringue Tower by miniaturepatisserie

White Rose Photograph by chickenandcustard

Sterling Silver Guitar Pick by jcjewelrydesign

Gown and Tuxedo Heart Cookies by LindasEdibleArt

Large Dogwood Ceramic Cake Stand by whitneysmith

You can see the full sized treasury here! Have a great day! :)


  1. Wow, what a beautiful collection of wedding items. Thanks for including my meringue cake!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my 'White Rose' photograph! Great blog too.

  3. You're both very welcome! I'm glad you liked the feature! :)



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