Monday, August 31, 2009

So now that I have a moment to breathe...

Let me catch up on everything I've been doing. Friday I finished the beehive.

Well it's not "finished" finished, I still need to do the door and the pins, but the main part is done. It was actually pretty easy to put together!

Let see what else? Oh, I finished sewing non slip pads on the bottoms of all my half finished pieces. And I finished sewing my pie! You can see a finished pic of it in my last post. Oh also in my last post is pic of a completed Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon I made Friday night. That brings us to Saturday.

Saturday I went to my mom's to do a mock up of the craft fair which is SATURDAY AAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!....... Okay...I'm better now. :) If you need more info on the craft show, here's a link to my original post about it:

Craft Show Post

We're going to have a 10' x 10' tent, which turns out to be much more room then I thought. We set up the tables in my mom's basement, since it was like 100% humidity outside that day! (Oh, and I'll just add that my brother's trashed the basement the day before, so it doesn't normally look like this!) The first pics here are the tables set up assuming we are the only ones going. We being Amber (The Wandering Knitter), her sister Heather (Gilliantwo), and me.

The second table is also going to have two "T" shaped holders for scarves to hang from. The next set of pics is assuming my sister Amanda's sister-in-law Melissa is coming with her jewelry.

In this set up the first table would only have one "T" scarf holder. I'll take some pics at the craft show next weekend to show everyone. It should look really nice.

After we finished that, I did a couple more lollipop ghosts. Then I started a couple small pincushions, cause I needed to work on something simple.

One is the moon and the other is the sun, and they are about half the size of my other pincushions. I'm going to embroider them and probably make one pin each for them. Then I ran to Michael's to get a couple things I'd run out of. And when I got back we went home.

When we got home, I worked on scupley. I finished the birds for the pie, the ribbons for the ribbon, a second try at gumdrops (fail), and 1 of the poker chip pins for the dice.

I did the blue one Saturday night, and the other two I did Sunday. It was my first attempt at cane work. And considering I'd never done it before (and I don't own a very sharp sculpey knife) they came out pretty good! I'm just glad the die was red, so I didn't have to try it with red clay! I also made some fall pins for the pumpkin (see below).

Speaking of Sunday, since it was actually sunny out, I got some pretty good pics of the pie and the ribbon, then I posted them. I also did the other two poker pins. I was gonna do more sculpey, but I ran out of steam. So instead we had dinner put the kids to bed and watched a movie while I sewed.

I finished the pumpkin and as soon as I am done here, I'm posting it. Here's a pre-posted pic:

It came out really cute! :) Now I just need to do some better pics tomorrow. Along with gathering everything up from my mom's so I don't have stuff for the craft show in 40 locations.

Okay, time to post the pumpkin. I'd post the dice too, but I'm going to embroider Atlantic City on the 2 side. Alright, back to work!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wow I got a lot done!

I don't remember when I posted last, but this will have to be a quick one as it is almost dinner time. I just posted two new pincushions. The first one is the pie with blackbird pins.

It turned out really cute!

The second one is a Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon.

I'm donating $5 of the sale for this ribbon to the National Cancer Society. :)

Well that's it for now, a lot more to update after dinner!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Okay I need some help.

Alright everyone out there in internet land, I need some help. As some of you might know last month I entered a contest to win tickets to see a live Good Eats episode being filmed in Atlanta, GA. Here is my entry. I made the opening to the show entirely out of sculpey. Here is a link to my original blog entry so you can see the pics of each piece.

Well I didn't win. :( I'm not really surprised, there were a lot of great entries. But I am disappointed, because I wanted to give Alton Brown the sculptures in person if I won. Now I have these five pieces and I would love to send them to him, but I have no idea how to do that. I've already tried FoodNetwork, Alton Brown's website, and the first Fan Club that comes up on Google: Nothing. So anyone out there have any ideas?

I not trying to be a creepy "OMGILOVEYOURSHOWI'MYOURBIGGESTFAN!!!" type, I just put a lot of work into these. I thought about selling them, but no one would pay what I would charge (they took me over 30 hours to make!) and I'd rather give them to someone who would truly appreciate them. Plus it would be pretty cool if he put the magnets on the fridge in his show. :)

Anyway, if you have any ideas let me know. And pass this along to anyone you might know who might have an idea. Thanks! :)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beehive! Buzz....

So now I'm making a beehive. :) Here are the durings.

It looks cuter in person and it will be great when it's done. I started trying to just do the outside shape instead of rings, but I just couldn't wrap my mind around what shapes I was supposed to be using. Well, back to work!

Later! :)

Not motivated today.

So I got very little done in the way of crafts yesterday. I did get some stuff done around the house, and did some errands after WeightWatchers. Oh that's not true, I did get some stuff done! I started making some lollipop ghosts for the Craft Show at my mom's while we were waiting for dinner to arrive.

Okay they may look silly now, but they will be cute reusable ghosts when they are done. :)

Then last night after I got home I finished putting the dots on my dice (umm...die). I even shaped the non-slip pad on the bottom like a circle so it looks like it's the one spot.

That didn't take that long, so then I started on a pie.

It is going to be a pie with black birds, like the nursery rhyme:

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn't that a dainty dish,
To set before the king?
But I couldn't finish it because I realised (too late) that I don't have any pie crust colored thread. My closest brown thread is, well, not even close. So I'll pick thread up either tomorrow or Thursday along with some more stuffing (cause I'm running low).

Today, nothing has gotten done so far, except paying bills and feeding children. Hopefully once Pat gets home I can get some actual work done. There's always hope! :)


Sunday, August 23, 2009


This one might not make it too my's too cute! I'm not sure if it looks right with the gumdrop pins, and I do need a new pincushion...

We'll see...


Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Shop!

I was cleaning off my work space this evening (after the kids went to bed) and found a whole bunch of buttons that I'm NEVER going to use. So I opened up a new destash shop:

Spring To December

Check it out! Everything is really cheap! Okay time for bed.


Friday, August 21, 2009

I am trying to update...honest I am.

So my youngest son Jake has horrible diaper rash, that I got medication from the doctor for yesterday. Today he won't let me put him down, cause he's not feeling well. So I got not one thing done today. Luckily I did get something done yesterday.

I started on a pumpkin. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it a plain pumpkin or a jack-o-lanturn. We'll see how it looks when it's done.
I am now going to see if I can get some better pics of my pincushions now that Pat is home and can take the very clingy baby off my leg! :)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Craft Circle Day

Well I got a lot done today! My husband Pat stayed home so I could get more work done then normal (and cause he needed a day off too). He ended up making bread, and I ended making all kinds of stuff!

First I started a new pincushion. It's going to be a casino dice (umm...die) with poker chip pins. here are the durings.

I hoping to finish the pincushion part tonight. Then I made some gumdrop pins for the cupcake pincushion.

The cupcake pincushion however did not turn out at all like I wanted it too. But I did post it as a Second.

Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Cupcake Felt Pincushion

I would have put the gumdrops with it, but they looked stupid next to the whipped cream. And I was happier with the gumdrops then I was with the cupcake. So I think I'm gonna make a gumdrop pincushion to put them with. I also finished the leaf and the tomato.

Tomato Felt Pincushion with Three Decorative Sewing Pins

Green Leaf Felt Pincushion with Three Decorative Bug Pins

They came out cute. I like the tomato the best. :) I also did three Halloween magnets.

Halloween Witch's Hat with Candy Corn Ribbon Clay Magnet

Halloween Trick or Treat Paper Bag Clay Magnet

Primitive Halloween Ghost Clay Magnet

I like how they came out too! The hat is my favorite. :) I love the candy corn. And now I think I shall finish the die. And maybe start on the gumdrop? I'm not sure yet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Finished! Yay!

Done with the coffee mug! :) I think I will now be done for the night. There really is no telling with me though. Anyway, here you go!

Coffee Mug Felt Pincushion with Three Decorative Pins


So close...

I am so close to finishing this coffee I can taste it! Well not literally... You know what I mean. :)

Fingers Crossed!

I posted my first pincushion! I would have posted 2, but I never finished the design on the coffee cup. I did finish the coffee bean pins though.

Now the moment you've been waiting for!

Swiss Cheese Felt Pincushion with Three Decorative Mice Pins

Ta-Da! This one turned out exactly like I wanted it to. I love it when that happens! :) It's funny I really want it to sell fast, but at the same time, I'm kinda hoping it's up there until I post the rest of the ones I'm finishing. Well only time will tell.

In other pincushion news, I started (and finished) a leaf pin cushion. I'm either going to do ladybugs or bug bugs for the pins. Here's a pic so far.

Very simple, but very cute. :) I think (besides the tomato) this is the most practical pincushion for actual use, because it has a lot of surface area and is almost impossible to tip over.

I will also give you an updated pic for the cupcake. It turned out almost, but not quite, entirely unlike how I had planned it to.

I do like it, but it's not my best work. It is however, way cuter in person. I need to get a new camera.

Tomorrow is my "free night" which means if I don't get anything done before 4pm, nothing's getting done till 10pm. I'm supposed to go to WeightWatchers, but I'm not sure if I'm going to or not. I gained weight last week, and I KNOW I gained weight this week. So I think I'll use my get out of jail free card and skip a meeting. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do instead, but I'm sure as heck not going to miss my "escape from my house without my children" night.

Oh I almost forgot. The lady from the Ocean Grove Craft Show called me today. Apparently the township is requiring a health inspection (for $25) for anyone selling food at the show. And, your not supposed to be making the food in your house. Which means no Patrick cookies at the show. :( I've never heard of craft fairs requiring that before. ~ sigh ~ Oh well. He'll get his chance to shine someday. I think I'll ask if I can post his newest recipe sometime this week. He made Triple Ginger Gingerbread cookies on Saturday. They were to DIE for! :)

Okay this post has gone on long enough. It seems the later it gets the more I ramble!

Later! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Too late.

I got a bunch of stuff done today, but it's too late for me to post pics. I did finish the cupcake. I like it. I don't love it, but I think once I do the pins it will be really cute. :) I did get to make the mouse pins for the cheese, and the coffee beans for the coffee. I still haven't decided what to put on the coffee mug, but I'm leaning toward a sun. I want to do gum drops and some other candies for the cupcake, but I need sprinkles or beads or something for the "sugar" so maybe I'll pick so up tomorrow, if not tomorrow then Monday. The tomato is going to get sewing stuff, a strawberry (or a tomato and a strawberry), a spool of thread, and a thimble (or something else). I took some more picks for Amber too. Oh and I started a new pincushion. It's gonna be a leaf with ladybugs and/or bugs for pins. **Mental Note - I need green thread!** Okay, to bed with me!

Later! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cupcake 1 - Jennie 5!!!

Oh yeah! Who's the cupcake queen! Me! :)

Now all I need to do is the paper cup and some sort of topping. But that is for tomorrow.

Later! :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cupcake 1 - Jennie 1

So this cupcake pincushion is kicking my butt. I had hardly any trouble with the other three pincushions, so I figured, "How hard could it be?" Apparently really hard. Luckily Amber found me a cupcake tutorial and it helped me figure out how on earth I was going to attach the frosting. I think if I make another one in the future, I leave the bottom of the cupcake for last then I'll have access to the inside when I'm attaching the icing. Anyway here is a pic.

I'm not sure if the top blob is going to work or not, but I figured I'd included it in the pic so you know where I'm going with this. I am also going to put it in a white "paper" cup. But that's for a different post.

Later! :)


Last night (well early this morning really...) my mouse kept double clicking instead of single clicking on everything. The longer I used it, the worse it got. It got so bad I couldn't use drop down windows or highlight links, cause it would just click through them! Luckily my husband changed it out for a different mouse, and that seems to have fixed the problem! :) I was afraid I would be without a computer today! Nooooooooooo! ;)

Today's project is going to be a cupcake. Assuming I have the correct color felt. Amber (The Wandering Knitter) has informed me that all cupcakes have pink icing AND NO cupcakes have cherries on top. :) And while the first statement is debatable, I personally have never eaten a cupcake with a cherry on it. Apparently (after extensive research) I have found most pretend cupcakes are, in fact, topped with cherries. I wonder why that is? Maybe I'm eating my cupcakes incorrectly? I eat cherries on top of my ice cream, am I missing out on a delicious cupcake topping? So, I'm curious, when you make, buy, or eat cupcakes do yours have cherries on top? Just curious. ;)

Later! :)


I "finished" another pincushion today. It's a coffee mug. But I need something to put on the side. I might also do another one and add sculpey marshmallow beads to make it hot chocolate. So far it was the easiest one to do, so I think I'll also put up a custom listing for it. Not sure what the pins will be yet. I'll keep you posted!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yay! It looks like a tomato!

Phew! I was starting to get worried for a minute. But it's actually working! Here is proof!

The little one is my ugly, cheapo tomato. Time to finish!



So it kinda looks like a pepper now. Well hopefully it will look rounder when I turn it inside out.

Back to it...


So Craft Circle day was cancelled because the skys decided to open up over everyone's point of origin. Bah! Oh well, such is life. So instead of working on my sculpey mice while the little monsters...I mean children are awake, I'm going to try another pin cushion. I'm honestly not sure how it's going. The cheese had square edges, my newest creation, a tomato, is round. And I don't think I'm going to be able to tell if it has worked till I'm done with it.

And just cause Amber will ask for one anyway, here is a "during" pic.

It actually might end up being an apple depending on the shape when I'm done. :)


Cheesy Goodness!

Done! Well I do have to make the mice pins tomorrow, but the cheese is done! :)

The cushion is weighted with some extra glass seed beads I had laying around, and I put a non-slip pad on the bottom. It's cool if you drop it, it rights itself at least half the time! :) Okay done for the day.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Cheese!

Okay update on the cheese.

Only two more holes to sew on, then I'm gonna put a non-slip piece on the bottom.

Later! :)

Cheese and Stuff

So I decided it would be cool to try and make a pincushion, cause I just have the cheapie tomato that came with my travel sewing kit when I was 12. Then I thought maybe I could make some to sell. That might be fun. :) But I don't just want to make plain ones, cause that would be boring (and easy). For some reason I never allow myself to start new projects with something easy. I don't know why, but I've always been that way. Anyway, I was thinking about it, and thought I could make themed pin cushions and included some cute sculpey topped pins to go with them! That would make use of both of my current crafting mediums! :)

That brings us to what I did today. I had made a list late last night, on ideas for pin cushion themes. This morning I couldn't find it (it turns out it was under my keyboard!), and I could only remember one of the ideas: cheese with mice pins. So that's what I have been working on today.

I've actually never made a felt piece in 3D before. They have always been flat or just two pieces sewn together with stuffing. I think it's coming out pretty well. I'm not thrilled, but it's working at least as well as I expected and I think now that I have the hang of it, it will be easier to do more. Here's some pics of the work so far.

Inside out.

Outside in.

Now that I've finished sewing it up, I think it might have looked cuter if I hadn't turned it inside out, but unfortunately I sewed it so that it had to be inverted. :( I think if I make another cheese I will leave it as is.

Right now I'm sewing on some holes. All cheese needs holes right?


Monday, August 10, 2009


So today I was gonna work on my felt ornaments, first at home, then at mom's before weight watchers, BUT that didn't happen. Cause at 11:15 the power went out. Blue sky, no storms, and the power goes out. Why? I don't know but no one had power in the 8 surrounding towns either! Being that it was 90 degrees out, I decided today would be a bad day to hang out with no air conditioning. So, I packed up the kids and we went to my mom's for the day. And I forgot my sewing. ~sigh~ So hopefully there will be no weirdness tomorrow, and I'll be able to get some work done. Here's hoping anyway!

Later! :)

Too Cool!

Tony (Digital Mushroom) got something posted on CraftGawker! Yay! This makes me happy, cause I took the pics for him! :) As of right now, it's in the seventh row on the main page, and is the first item on the Dolls and miniatures page!

Here's a link to his item on Craftgawker:

Green "T"ea

Once on CraftGawker, you can click the picture to go to his listing on Etsy. Congrats Tony! :)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Digital Mushroom

So I helped my brother Tony (DigitalMushroom) finish setting up his store and post the stuff he has finished and had pics of. Here my favorite:

I also finished another Letter ornament. I started a gingerbread felt ornament set, but I can't find my beads I was gonna use for accents. I'm gonna look tomorrow, then hopefully I can finish them. I didn't get any sculpey done today, cause Pat was adding ram to my computer and had the room all torn apart. That's it for now.

Later! :)


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