Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not motivated today.

So I got very little done in the way of crafts yesterday. I did get some stuff done around the house, and did some errands after WeightWatchers. Oh that's not true, I did get some stuff done! I started making some lollipop ghosts for the Craft Show at my mom's while we were waiting for dinner to arrive.

Okay they may look silly now, but they will be cute reusable ghosts when they are done. :)

Then last night after I got home I finished putting the dots on my dice (umm...die). I even shaped the non-slip pad on the bottom like a circle so it looks like it's the one spot.

That didn't take that long, so then I started on a pie.

It is going to be a pie with black birds, like the nursery rhyme:

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn't that a dainty dish,
To set before the king?
But I couldn't finish it because I realised (too late) that I don't have any pie crust colored thread. My closest brown thread is, well, not even close. So I'll pick thread up either tomorrow or Thursday along with some more stuffing (cause I'm running low).

Today, nothing has gotten done so far, except paying bills and feeding children. Hopefully once Pat gets home I can get some actual work done. There's always hope! :)


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