Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Craft Circle Day

Well I got a lot done today! My husband Pat stayed home so I could get more work done then normal (and cause he needed a day off too). He ended up making bread, and I ended making all kinds of stuff!

First I started a new pincushion. It's going to be a casino dice (umm...die) with poker chip pins. here are the durings.

I hoping to finish the pincushion part tonight. Then I made some gumdrop pins for the cupcake pincushion.

The cupcake pincushion however did not turn out at all like I wanted it too. But I did post it as a Second.

Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Cupcake Felt Pincushion

I would have put the gumdrops with it, but they looked stupid next to the whipped cream. And I was happier with the gumdrops then I was with the cupcake. So I think I'm gonna make a gumdrop pincushion to put them with. I also finished the leaf and the tomato.

Tomato Felt Pincushion with Three Decorative Sewing Pins

Green Leaf Felt Pincushion with Three Decorative Bug Pins

They came out cute. I like the tomato the best. :) I also did three Halloween magnets.

Halloween Witch's Hat with Candy Corn Ribbon Clay Magnet

Halloween Trick or Treat Paper Bag Clay Magnet

Primitive Halloween Ghost Clay Magnet

I like how they came out too! The hat is my favorite. :) I love the candy corn. And now I think I shall finish the die. And maybe start on the gumdrop? I'm not sure yet.

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  1. Love the pin cushions! What an awesome husband for staying home so you can get stuff done. He bakes too?!?



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