Monday, August 17, 2009

Fingers Crossed!

I posted my first pincushion! I would have posted 2, but I never finished the design on the coffee cup. I did finish the coffee bean pins though.

Now the moment you've been waiting for!

Swiss Cheese Felt Pincushion with Three Decorative Mice Pins

Ta-Da! This one turned out exactly like I wanted it to. I love it when that happens! :) It's funny I really want it to sell fast, but at the same time, I'm kinda hoping it's up there until I post the rest of the ones I'm finishing. Well only time will tell.

In other pincushion news, I started (and finished) a leaf pin cushion. I'm either going to do ladybugs or bug bugs for the pins. Here's a pic so far.

Very simple, but very cute. :) I think (besides the tomato) this is the most practical pincushion for actual use, because it has a lot of surface area and is almost impossible to tip over.

I will also give you an updated pic for the cupcake. It turned out almost, but not quite, entirely unlike how I had planned it to.

I do like it, but it's not my best work. It is however, way cuter in person. I need to get a new camera.

Tomorrow is my "free night" which means if I don't get anything done before 4pm, nothing's getting done till 10pm. I'm supposed to go to WeightWatchers, but I'm not sure if I'm going to or not. I gained weight last week, and I KNOW I gained weight this week. So I think I'll use my get out of jail free card and skip a meeting. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do instead, but I'm sure as heck not going to miss my "escape from my house without my children" night.

Oh I almost forgot. The lady from the Ocean Grove Craft Show called me today. Apparently the township is requiring a health inspection (for $25) for anyone selling food at the show. And, your not supposed to be making the food in your house. Which means no Patrick cookies at the show. :( I've never heard of craft fairs requiring that before. ~ sigh ~ Oh well. He'll get his chance to shine someday. I think I'll ask if I can post his newest recipe sometime this week. He made Triple Ginger Gingerbread cookies on Saturday. They were to DIE for! :)

Okay this post has gone on long enough. It seems the later it gets the more I ramble!

Later! :)


  1. I love this idea! I have hearted your store on Etsy and am now officially following your blog.

  2. I love this cheese cushion with mouse pins!


  3. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. It was a struggle for me to post it, it's just too cute. :)

    But I'm sure whoever buys it will love it just as much as I do. <3

  4. Such a lovely pincushionS :)! now I want to sew :))



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