Friday, August 14, 2009


Last night (well early this morning really...) my mouse kept double clicking instead of single clicking on everything. The longer I used it, the worse it got. It got so bad I couldn't use drop down windows or highlight links, cause it would just click through them! Luckily my husband changed it out for a different mouse, and that seems to have fixed the problem! :) I was afraid I would be without a computer today! Nooooooooooo! ;)

Today's project is going to be a cupcake. Assuming I have the correct color felt. Amber (The Wandering Knitter) has informed me that all cupcakes have pink icing AND NO cupcakes have cherries on top. :) And while the first statement is debatable, I personally have never eaten a cupcake with a cherry on it. Apparently (after extensive research) I have found most pretend cupcakes are, in fact, topped with cherries. I wonder why that is? Maybe I'm eating my cupcakes incorrectly? I eat cherries on top of my ice cream, am I missing out on a delicious cupcake topping? So, I'm curious, when you make, buy, or eat cupcakes do yours have cherries on top? Just curious. ;)

Later! :)

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