Monday, August 31, 2009

So now that I have a moment to breathe...

Let me catch up on everything I've been doing. Friday I finished the beehive.

Well it's not "finished" finished, I still need to do the door and the pins, but the main part is done. It was actually pretty easy to put together!

Let see what else? Oh, I finished sewing non slip pads on the bottoms of all my half finished pieces. And I finished sewing my pie! You can see a finished pic of it in my last post. Oh also in my last post is pic of a completed Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon I made Friday night. That brings us to Saturday.

Saturday I went to my mom's to do a mock up of the craft fair which is SATURDAY AAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!....... Okay...I'm better now. :) If you need more info on the craft show, here's a link to my original post about it:

Craft Show Post

We're going to have a 10' x 10' tent, which turns out to be much more room then I thought. We set up the tables in my mom's basement, since it was like 100% humidity outside that day! (Oh, and I'll just add that my brother's trashed the basement the day before, so it doesn't normally look like this!) The first pics here are the tables set up assuming we are the only ones going. We being Amber (The Wandering Knitter), her sister Heather (Gilliantwo), and me.

The second table is also going to have two "T" shaped holders for scarves to hang from. The next set of pics is assuming my sister Amanda's sister-in-law Melissa is coming with her jewelry.

In this set up the first table would only have one "T" scarf holder. I'll take some pics at the craft show next weekend to show everyone. It should look really nice.

After we finished that, I did a couple more lollipop ghosts. Then I started a couple small pincushions, cause I needed to work on something simple.

One is the moon and the other is the sun, and they are about half the size of my other pincushions. I'm going to embroider them and probably make one pin each for them. Then I ran to Michael's to get a couple things I'd run out of. And when I got back we went home.

When we got home, I worked on scupley. I finished the birds for the pie, the ribbons for the ribbon, a second try at gumdrops (fail), and 1 of the poker chip pins for the dice.

I did the blue one Saturday night, and the other two I did Sunday. It was my first attempt at cane work. And considering I'd never done it before (and I don't own a very sharp sculpey knife) they came out pretty good! I'm just glad the die was red, so I didn't have to try it with red clay! I also made some fall pins for the pumpkin (see below).

Speaking of Sunday, since it was actually sunny out, I got some pretty good pics of the pie and the ribbon, then I posted them. I also did the other two poker pins. I was gonna do more sculpey, but I ran out of steam. So instead we had dinner put the kids to bed and watched a movie while I sewed.

I finished the pumpkin and as soon as I am done here, I'm posting it. Here's a pre-posted pic:

It came out really cute! :) Now I just need to do some better pics tomorrow. Along with gathering everything up from my mom's so I don't have stuff for the craft show in 40 locations.

Okay, time to post the pumpkin. I'd post the dice too, but I'm going to embroider Atlantic City on the 2 side. Alright, back to work!



  1. Wow what a busy busy weekend. Looks like your fair set up is coming along. I hope it goes well

  2. Thanks! I've got my fingers crossed! :)



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