Thursday, August 27, 2009

Okay I need some help.

Alright everyone out there in internet land, I need some help. As some of you might know last month I entered a contest to win tickets to see a live Good Eats episode being filmed in Atlanta, GA. Here is my entry. I made the opening to the show entirely out of sculpey. Here is a link to my original blog entry so you can see the pics of each piece.

Well I didn't win. :( I'm not really surprised, there were a lot of great entries. But I am disappointed, because I wanted to give Alton Brown the sculptures in person if I won. Now I have these five pieces and I would love to send them to him, but I have no idea how to do that. I've already tried FoodNetwork, Alton Brown's website, and the first Fan Club that comes up on Google: Nothing. So anyone out there have any ideas?

I not trying to be a creepy "OMGILOVEYOURSHOWI'MYOURBIGGESTFAN!!!" type, I just put a lot of work into these. I thought about selling them, but no one would pay what I would charge (they took me over 30 hours to make!) and I'd rather give them to someone who would truly appreciate them. Plus it would be pretty cool if he put the magnets on the fridge in his show. :)

Anyway, if you have any ideas let me know. And pass this along to anyone you might know who might have an idea. Thanks! :)


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