Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ocean Grove Craft Fair

Good news! I will be attending the 27th Annual Giant Craft Show in Ocean Grove, NJ on Saturday, September 5, 2009! This will be my first craft show as a seller, so if you live in the area please come down and show your support!

Here is a pic (from Google maps) of where the craft fair will be. I will be near the intersection of Beach Avenue and Ocean Pathway. (You can click on the pic to see it on Flickr.)

Here is close up pic of the map they sent me. My booth is #E21 and I will be in the aisle facing the grass (not on the sidewalk). (In this pic the beach would be towards the bottom.)

Attending with me will be my cousin Amber (The Wandering Knitter), and my husband Pat (Pi Are Round Bakery), and my Auntie Ann (who lives in Ocean Grove). My brother Tony (Digital Mushroom) won't be able to make it, but I'll be selling his stuff for him. I'm not sure if Amber's sister Heather (Gilliantwo) will be coming or not, but if she isn't Amber will sell her stuff for her.

I might have another person coming, but I'll post about him after I've talked to him about it. He is at Pennsic War at the moment, and won't be back till next week I think.

So far we will be selling pretty much what is in our shops at present, plus Pat will be making cookies (trays and individual baggies) and I will be making a bunch more felt ornaments. Amber has already started a large quantity of soy yarn kittens to bring with her. Hopefully the weather will be nice and sales will be good!

Wish us luck! And I'll post more about this as details arise!

Later! :)

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