Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Sunday! :)

Good Morning! :) I stayed up too late last night how about you? I did get a lot done though. All I have left to do on my Harry Potter ornament is the wording and sewing a back on. Oh and I made a quick sculpey piece last night too.

It came out prety cute, and it didn't take that long to make. I would have kept doing clay, but I thought our Movie/Game night guests were going to be working in the diningroom (which is where I am set up at the moment), so I cleaned it all up. Of course after I finished cleaning, they decided to play games in the kitchen instead! ~sigh~ Oh well, at least I got one made.

Tony (DigitalMushroom) didn't end up coming last night, so we'll have to post his stuff on Wednesday at Craft Circle. Alright time to finish this ornament, so I can get it posted! Then pics of the new stuff later (if it stops raining).




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