Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy, busy!

Today my husband decided it would be a good idea to hang our TV up on the wall. I agree with the plan in general, but I am NOT looking forward to the mess and noise this is going to create. :) I think he's just doing it cause now he gets to knock holes in the wall and play with power tools. ;) Anyway, as I am busy herding children away from the construction zone today, I didn't get a chance to make a mini post for today's treasury. But, I did finish the big one. :) So here you go!

- Pets Across Etsy -

Have a great day! :)


  1. Haha! Good luck with the construction zone! And that bunny rabbit is just too adorable sporting that cute flower :)

  2. Thanks, it actually went pretty well, and now my kids can't get finger prints on the TV. :) I LOVE that bunny! It's soooo cute! :)



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