Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have writers block...well sorta. I can't think of what to put on this magnet. I ended up with cool red and orange swirl clay after I finished my maple leaf, so I thought I would make another word magnet (example here). But I'm not sure what to put. It kinda looks like fire, so I was think "passion", but their aren't any good verses for passion. Then I was thinking "sacirfice", but I didn't really find any that really struck me either. I already have a "love". Though I guess I could do another one. Then I was thinking since it's fall colors I could do "thanks" or "thankful". I actually like "thankful", but the clay retangle came out kinda small, and I'm not sure that I could fit it well. Maybe I'll see what "thanks" verses I can find, and if I don't find one I'll do "thankful". I know I can find one for "thankful"!

Okay, sorry about that, I just needed to clear my head. Words tend to get stuck in my brain. :)


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