Friday, July 31, 2009

I am so nervous!!! :)

So one of my husband and I's favorite TV shows is Good Eats with Alton Brown on Food Network. It's a great show, and if you've never seen it you should watch it. :) Anyway, this year is the show's 10th Anniversary, so they are filming 2 live shows (the first live shows ever!) in Georgia. In honor of this, they are having a contest where you can enter a picture or a 1 minute (or less) video about how you are Alton Brown's biggest fan and why you should win tickets! So I spent probably 30 hours (not straight of course) making sculpey sculptures of the opening credits to the show, and my brother Alex helped me make a little video with the theme song in the background. And I just posted it! Now I'm nervous that it's not very good. :( At least it's not as good as I would like it to be. Cause I want it to be perfect. Cause I'm anal like that. :) Anyway, here is the link to my post:

Good Eats Opening

And here are picks of the "flying food" cause they are kinda hard to see in the video.

And the finished Logo! :)

It kinda looks flat in the pic, but it is really very 3 dimensional!

Well I hope you like these. :) Sorry if I'm being a wee bit silly. ;)


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