Friday, October 30, 2009

Featured Seller of the Day 10/30/2009

Today's featured seller has some spooky and creepy items available for our viewing pleasure. Her shop is called:

-where the sweet and sour co-mingle-

Sarah's polymer clay creations range from creepy to sweet, from brains to treats! Since Halloween is tomorrow, this seemed like the perfect combination to start off the weekend. :) The first piece is Halloween in a nutshell, well in a pumpkin shell really. ;)

Whacko Jacko Necklace

This perfect Halloween pumpkin pendant is all ready for fright night! It has an old world gothic feel to it, that is enhanced by the intricate metal frame the jack-o-lantern rests on. A perfectly creepy piece for a wonderfully creepy night!

Not creepy enough for you? Well relax, it only gets creepier from here!

Opti Ring

Eye love this piece! :) No, but seriously, I've always had a thing for eyes, though generally I prefer them in someones head, rather then staring blankly up from their hand. Either way, this is still a really cool piece!

Too creepy? Okay how about we move to the sweet part of this shop for a bit. :)

Chocolate Truffle Charms (6)

If these don't get you in the mood to chow down on some serious quantities of Halloween candy, I don't know what will. And while these aren't traditional Halloween fare, I'd take chocolate truffles over bit sized Snickers bars any day! :)

Alright one more creepy piece. This one would be perfect for a special occasion in your future, if you are a zombie that is!

Lunch Meat Cufflinks

You will be the envy of your zombie friends when you show up at the next black tie event sporting these beauties! Though I would double check with your sweetie before wearing them to her aunt Mayble's 50th wedding anniversary. While you might think it's funny, I'm pretty sure aunt Mayble might think differently! ;)

I hope you enjoyed our selection of Halloween tricks and treats! Tomorrow is Saturday Selections and I will be featuring more of my favorite Halloween themed items. I'm not sure if I'll be going the creepy or sweet route yet, you'll just have to check in tomorrow to find out!


P.S. For more information on today's featured seller, please check out their Etsy profile here => beatblack's Profile


  1. Her work is a lot of fun and really well done! Thanks for sharing.

  2. this is such a nice devils night surprise!! Thanks so much for the feature :D I see you have a killer eye for the goods on etsy so I'm espically honored to be a part of it all <3

  3. You're welcome Athena's Armoury! Thanks for commenting! :)

    Thanks Beat Black! I'm glad you like it! :) It's lots of fun to dig through my favorites list and see what new pieces they done since last time I looked. I saw your shop and thought it would be perfect for Halloween Eve. :)

    Jennie :)

  4. great picks for halloween! i love the chocolate charms.. they look good enough to eat! ;)



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