Wednesday, October 14, 2009

General Update

So I have been having fun with the featured seller of the day, but on the crafting front, I haven't gotten much done lately. My cousins from out of state visited over the weekend so last week was spent cleaning house and organizing my craft area, and the weekend was spent running around and hanging out with them. :) So now I have to get my butt in gear and finish off the couple pieces I have going and start making up some Christmas/Winter pieces!

Ooo! I almost forgot! Our street is a dead end (kind of), and while there are lots of kids on the street, there aren't really a lot of houses in the area to trick-or-treat at. So most of the neighbor kids stop by and we get a couple of other people, but generally we have a low number of trick-or-treaters on Halloween. In past years I've just bought a box of normal sized candy bars to give out (which is actually cheaper when you don't have to buy a lot), but this year, I'm gonna make gift bags! I ordered some really cute tags from matdi123 to attach to the bags. :) (She does great work if you are ever in the market for custom tags!) Here's what they look like:

Aren't they cute? :) I'll post pics of the gift bags when I'm done making them. :) I think that's it for now. Time to get to work on today's featured seller!

Later! :)


  1. great idea with the gift bags, Im sure they will turn out great! Lucky kids!!

  2. They were fun to make. :) I can't wait to give them out!

    Jennie :)



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