Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Featured Seller of the Day 10/27/2009

Today's featured seller, makes unique jewelry pieces using polymer clay. Her shop is called:

Juliespace - Julie Sweeney's Handmade Jewelry & Mosaics

Julie uses many different techniques in making her jewelry, giving her shop a very eclectic feel. One of the things I find cool about her pieces, is her use of non-clay material in her work. This, while not a jewelry piece, is a good example.

Turquoise Iris Pocket Mirror

This beautiful pocket mirror has been wrapped in turquoise polymer clay and accented with red paint. I love the texture of the carved flower on the back, and I love how the design wraps around to the front, almost as if it grew that way. :)

The next piece makes use of a different kind of glass to give it a unique texture and composition.

Petal Pendant

The sky blue tones of this pendant are set off perfectly by the green of the seed beads. And while the colors are striking, it's the texture that is the real star of this piece. The smoothness of the clay sides, mixed with the bumpy texture created by the seed beads, is perfectly offset by the soft clay petals and the large glass cabochon at the top. A simply gorgeous piece!

While the next piece does have a beautiful variety of textures, this one is really all about the color.

From The Tropics Birdy

Okay so this one isn't jewelry either. He is however a very handsome fellow. :) I love the way the fiery yellows and oranges of his feathers are contrasted by the bright green of the grass. And I really love the way the artist made his tail feathers into big orange swirls of color! :)

Okay for this last one, I'll do one more piece of jewelry. And since it's almost Halloween, how about something a little spooky?

Flying Pumpkin Necklace

Well, maybe this guy is a little too happy to be spooky, but he certainly is festive! :) He reminds me of old time Victorian area Halloween decorations. I think it's the way the black paint is used to highlight the orange of the pumpkin, that gives it an antiquey kind of look. The perfect perky pumpkin for your happy Halloween! :)

Tomorrow, I will be taking a break from posting, as I have to bring my kids to get their flu shots. We'll pick up on Thursday with an amazing felt artist. ::Hint - She makes flowers!::


P.S. For more information on today's featured seller, please check out their Etsy profile here => juliespace's Profile


  1. BEautiful Work!! So intricate


  2. What cute creations...I love that bird!

  3. Love the pocket mirror... so cute!

    ps. I think the Great Pumpkin is on ABC tonight!

  4. That turquoise pocket mirror is lovely!

  5. the pocket mirror and the bird are way too cute! love them!

  6. How lovely, that mirror is great!

  7. I'm glad you like them. I work with polymer clay as well, and I have to admit I never thought of using glass or mirrors to highlight my pieces. It gives the clay so much more depth! :)

    cabin + cub - Thanks! I caught it just in time! :)



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