Monday, October 26, 2009

Featured Seller of the Day 10/26/2009

Happy Monday everyone! Today's featured seller makes amazingly cool Steampunk jewelry! Their store is called:

Steampunk Jewelry inspired by Victorian Science Fiction

Steampunk, as I have explained in previous posts is a cross between Victorian era style, steam-powered inventions, and science fiction-fantasy. An element that is often seen and repeated in Steampunk design is gears.

Steampunk Jewelry - BRACELET - Copper brass and CHRYSOPRASE

This bracelet has a beautiful patina and lovely green chrysoprase stones. But it is the coiled wire and large gear at its center that make this piece Steampunk. It appears to be made from extra parts of some sort of ancient engine, but is still beautifully crafted and elegant. In everyday life elegance and machine parts don't seem like they would go together, this however is what the idea of Steampunk is built upon.

While today's artists do carry a wide range of jewelry, they specialize in rings. Here's a beautiful example, of what I would call a classic Steampunk style ring.

Steampunk Jewelry - RING - Artistic wire ring with BLUE FIRE AGATE - 8.5 ONLY

I love the use of the coiled wire in this ring, and the way the different colored metals highlight the creamy blue color of the fire agate. It once again appears that some old time mechanic has used the leftover parts from his or her latest project to create this unique piece. It almost seems to be from the future and the past at the same time.

Are these styles not quite your taste? Well I suppose Steampunk isn't for everybody, but by using the same types of materials in slightly different styles, the artists have also created some more "mainstream" rings. :)

FALL FLOWER - Gunmetal ring with DREAM AGATE beads

This beautiful floral ring is made of the same materials as the Steampunk jewelry, but has a more traditional feel to it. The simple wire flower's shape is mirrored by the exquisite amber colored dream agate stones behind it. And while this piece would offset a Steampunk outfit beautifully, it would also look just as nice with a more traditional outfit.

Too plain? ::Sigh:: There's no please you! ;) Well if you think that these pieces are too "boring" for you, then check out this last ring!

Steampunk Jewelry - ROBOT RING - copper REPTILE taxidermy glass EYE - SIZE 9 ONLY

Now really, how cool is that! I don't know about you, but I think having a robot ring would be insanely awesome. :) I love how the artist used a real taxidermy eye to give the robot a very real, almost alive, look. And I also love that his hands are made of lobster claw clasps. I wish I'd thought of that! :)

Tomorrow I will be featuring another jewelry artist. ::Hint - They work with polymer clay!::


P.S. For more information on today's featured seller, please check out their Etsy profile here => CatherinetteRings's Profile


  1. These are amazing! I just posted a link to them for a friend of mine who will love these. Thanks for posting :)

  2. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I never knew what steampunk was. Now, I know! thanks

  3. I'm gald you guys like them! :)

    Mama Sews! - Nothing to be embrassed about. ;) I'm sure there's tons of stuff out there that I have yet to discover. It makes the world a more interesting place to live. :)



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