Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday! Shop! Shop! Shop!

Today is supposed to be the biggest internet shopping day of the year. And of course, since I spent all day yesterday putting up our tree and packing stuff away in preparation of moving soon, I am soooo not prepared! :) Well that is not totally true. The other day when I figured out that I was going to be busy almost every day this month, I made up a bunch of Selection Collages, including one for today. So here is your featured Selection Collage for Cyber Monday! (And yes I know this is not technically what Cyber Monday means, but I thought it was cute!) ;)

Computer Harddrive Clock by pixelthis

Ctrl-Alt-Del Three Pillow Set by diffractionfiber

Floppy Booky - basic (black) by contexto

Pentium 2 Circuit Board Necklace by Mechanimation

icard - orange set of 3 by cadizcards

Uptown Girl Crochet Laptop Case by jenvecc

So happy shopping (and selling!) to all and to all a good Monday! :D



  1. Oh man! I love the clt, alt, del button pillows!!!! Coolest thing ever! :)

  2. Such cute selections! I'm off to go check out that floppy booky...

  3. I'm glad you liked them! I was going to do some things off my Christmas list that were on sale this weekend, but my inner geek got the better of me. ;)

    Jennie :)



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