Sunday, November 1, 2009

Featured Seller of the Day 11/1/2009

Today's featured seller makes yummy creations out of recycled felt! Her shop is called:

Little Fluff Stuff: Toys treats & other little goodies!

Except for a little wool blend, all of today's artist's pieces are made with felt that comes from 100% recycled plastic water bottles! What kind of things can be created with felt made from water bottles? Let's take a look!

Brown Box of Felt Chocolates - Set of 4

In honor of Halloween being yesterday, let's start off our tour of this store with some chocolate! This delicious looking set of truffles would be the perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life. And these candies are calorie free! :) I love how the white chocolate piece looks like it's been rolled in coconut! Yum! :)

Oh, you're all chocolated out from yesterday? Understandable, I think I ate double the amount of candy I should have last night too. Okay then, how about an international treat instead? Something less chocolaty but just as sweet!

Felt Macaroons - Set of 7

Macaroons (or macarons) are a traditional French pastries made with two thin, dome shaped cookies and a cream or ganache filling. These macaroons are brightly colored and are made to mirror some of the more traditional flavors macaroons are available in. They sure do look good enough to eat!

Okay, okay, enough sugar for the moment. Let's move onto some savory treats!

Eco Friendly Felt Sushi Set

This beautifully made sushi set is perfect for fans of this unique Japanese cuisine! It comes with five different types of sushi, plus a leaf garnish, and a wooden tray complete with ginger and wasabi! I love sushi and this set makes me hungry just looking at it! Who knew that something made out of old water bottles could end up so colorful and unique? :)

Not into raw fish? Well, to each his own I guess. ;) How about some Chinese food instead?

Eco Friendly Felt Dumplings - Set of 3

My second love in the world of asain cuisine is dumplings! I could probably eat nothing but sushi and dumplings for the rest of my life! These dumplings are so real looking, that each time I see them, I'm surprised there is no steam coming off of them!

Okay, I think I have to stop here or I'm going to end up eating all the food in my fridge! :) Tomorrow's featured seller works with wood. ::Hint - They make hair accessories!::


P.S. For more information on today's featured seller, please check out their Etsy profile here => LittleFluffStuff's Profile


  1. It's kind of amazing what can be made with felt! And recycled felt no less. Kudos to those artists for that. Great finds!

  2. Wow! What wondrous goodies! They are beautiful!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today! :)

  3. I'm glad you liked them! It is amazing that the felt she made them with used to be water bottles!

    You're welcome Good Dirt Jewelry! You have a very neat site and very pretty jewelry. :)

    Jennie :)

  4. The dumplings look incredibly real!

  5. I know! Every time I see them, they make me hungry!

    Jennie :)



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