Friday, November 13, 2009

Featured Seller of the Day 11/13/2009

Today we go from knitting to crochet. Which to me seem very similar, but apparently they are VERY different! According to the knitter I know, my cousin Amber (thewanderingknitter), it's impossible for one person to know how to knit and crochet. I find this a little silly, but my mother-in-law Anne (TheCrochetedCat) seems to agree with her, so I guess until I meet someone who can do both I will have to assume they are telling the truth! :)

Sorry I'm getting side tracked; back to today's featured seller, who's shop is called:

Prim and Plush

As a geek by association, I love the world of geekery! I know a lot about bits and pieces of it, but mostly rely on my geeky friends and family for the really in depth stuff. However I do not need their help to fall completely in love with the creations in today's shop. What could be so cool, cute, and geeky to have such universal appeal? The answer: plushie molecules! :D

Mrs. Methane V2.0

I bet for a split second, before you saw this picture, you thought that I was kidding didn't you? But, it's true! Today's artist has melded their love of science with their love of crochet to create adorable stuffed molecules! The piece above is Methane (CH4), which (according to the description) is "the simplest of all organic compounds." It is also pink and blue and purple and adorably cute! :D

Mr. Ethanol (drinking alcohol)

This is a cute version of ethanol (CH3CH2OH), or drinking alcohol. It's hard to imagine that this cute and cuddly little molecule, is the cause of so much pain and suffering, for those of us who on occasion get slightly carried away with its consumption. As a non-drinker myself, I would actually find this to be a great gift to give to someone with a hang over; but then again, I can be pretty snarky at times. ;)

Alright I'll leave the geekiness behind for just a second, as I need to show off one of the cute non-geek pieces this seller has to offer.

Lots of Love Bear

Along with amazingly cute molecules, this seller also makes amazingly cute teddy bears! :) This one is my favorite! I love the little "loves" surrounding the bear, and the big pink heart she is squeezing. I'm also slightly partial to this one, because one of my favorite teddy bears as a kid was a polar bear. :)

One more molecule before we go. This one is my hands down favorite. Drum roll please!

Cup of Water

It's a cup of water (H2O)! :D This is one of the coolest geekery pieces on Etsy! And on top of the idea being super cool, the execution of the water molecules and even the mug are perfect! This one is on my Christmas list! ;)

Tomorrow we'll be looking at another crocheter. ::Hint - They make cute food plushies!::


P.S. For more information on today's featured seller, please check out their Etsy profile here => Primandplush's Profile


  1. Actually tomorrow (which is today now) is Saturday, so I'm doing Saturday Selections not a Featured Seller. :) But Sunday we will pick up with our mystery crocheter!

  2. And it is Sunday...oh well, you get the idea! ;)



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