Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Feeling Better :)

I'm glad I took it easy today, I feel much better tonight. :) I did end up reposting the Thanksgiving pieces that just sold. So here they are! :)

Thanksgiving Harvest Indian Corn Polymer Clay Magnet (Made To Order)

Thanksgiving Harvest Cornucopia Polymer Clay Magnet (Made To Order)

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Polymer Clay Magnet (Made to Order)

Thanksgiving Roast Turkey Clay Refrigerator Magnet (Made To Order)

I reposted a couple other fall pieces too. Feel free to check them out here, if you are interested. :) And since my cousin Amber is bugging me about it, here are the pins I made up to go with the sushi pincushion I just posted.

"Wasabi Paste, Pickled Ginger, and a Cup of Soy Sauce"

I like the ginger and the wasabi is okay, but the bowl of soy sauce came out not so great. The bowl part is too thick and the white clay ended with a bunch of fuzzies stuck to it. Really, it just looks bad. I was going to just remake that one piece and then include them with the nigiri, but I tried them out with it, and it just didn't look right. I think one of the things I like about the salmon nigiri, is it's very simple looking. And adding the pins just took away from that too much. Since the ginger and wasabi did come out pretty good, I might try to remake the soy sauce next time I'm playing with the clay. But if I do get it right, I'll sell the pins separately.

Time for bed. Goodnight everyone!

Later! :)

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