Monday, November 16, 2009

Featured Seller of the Day 11/17/2009

I thought, before I start today, I would just take a moment and explain what exactly it is I am doing here. For those of you who are just joining us, I started this blog awhile back to talk about what I was doing in my shop and life and things like that. After doing that for awhile, I decided my life was pretty boring and I needed something else to talk about besides my own crafts and issues. :) So I thought, "What else would be fun to talk about on an Etsy blog? How about my favorite sellers!" I took a look at my favorites list and it was long enough (33 pages at the time) that I figured if I started with the first person I hearted back when I opened my shop in June and worked toward the beginning, then I would have something to talk about everyday for a very long time.

It turned out to be pretty fun! It's neat revisiting my favorite shops and seeing what their latest projects are. And it's lots of fun (to me anyway) to try and pick out a couple of my favorites from their shop, and tell everyone else why they are my favorites. It's like show and tell everyday! :D So anyway, I thought that would give you guys who have recently started following me an idea of why I keep doing this. And I guess the answer is, because it's fun! :)

Okay enough of me talking, on to our featured seller of the day! Today's seller works with both polymer clay and yarn, just not at the same time. :) Their shop is called:

The Incredible Inedibles - Custom Crochet Designs

Since the last three featured sellers have been crocheters or knitters, let's start out with a look at one of the artist's crocheted pieces.


Donuts are one of the downfalls in my life. If there is a box of donuts anywhere I can see or smell them, then I am going to have one (or two, or three)! These delicious looking desserts however are completely calorie free! And they are likely to last much longer then a similar stack of their baked relatives. I think the tan donut with the pink icing is my favorite. I'd like to think that it was a vanilla donut with strawberry frosting, but I guess it's up to the child that plays with it which flavor it will be! :)

If that got your mouth watering, then you might want to turn away, because the next couple of pieces are even more delicious looking!


Now this piece is obviously one of the polymer clay creations. But if you didn't know it was clay, I bet you would have thought it was real! And if it wasn't sitting on a fork, I bet you would have thought it was a lot bigger too! Yes that is an actually fork used for eating! This cake is actually a pendant, the perfect eye candy (or cake) to wear with your sweetest outfit. :) I love the little kiwi slices, they are too yummy!

And if you aren't hungry enough to eat a whole cake, then how about a cupcake?


Who among you could resist this scrumptious mini cupcake, complete, with a cherry on top! The chocolate frosting looks so real, that it seems like you could take a finger full off the edge when no one was looking! Yum!

Alright enough food! This post is making my tummy rumble. :)

124 Cupcake Lane - The Town of Sweetsville

This piece is just as sweet as the others, but in an "Aww! How cute!" kind of way instead of "I could eat about four of those!" kind of way. :) It has all you could ever ask for in a cupcake house:
- Gingerbread door, for easy access to the interior.
- Frosting covered chimney, to let the steam from your baking out.
- Red and pink striped roof, so you always know which house is yours.
- Pink shutter on the window, in case of freak powdered sugar storms.
- And a beautiful candy flower bush, to add beauty to your home!

While a cupcake house might not be for everyone, it does have one advantage over regular housing. You know for a fact, that you'll never go hungry! :)

Tomorrow, we will feature our last crochet shop for awhile. ::Hint - They make amazingly cute animals and food!::


P.S. For more information on today's featured seller, please check out their Etsy profile here => pukashell's Profile


  1. So talented! I love the details in the polymer pieces.

  2. Very cute! Only thing is when I see food I'd like to know that it can be eaten... these pretend foods are such teasers, which make me crave the real deal :)

  3. Aren't they great? And yes they make me hungry too!

    Jennie :)



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