Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stupid Time Change...

I hate time changes. I doesn't matter if it's forward or backward, it always screws up my sleep pattern, which is not that great to begin with. So right now my body thinks it's about 11:30 and it's not even 10:30 yet. Yuck...

On the upside I got a lot done today. I finished up my special orders for Thanksgiving and made an extra piece too! :) I was gonna post them tonight, but my brain is not functioning enough to do that, so they shall be posted tomorrow instead. But I will post a pic of the non-special order piece I did, because it came out REALLY nice! :D

I love the way this piece came out! :) I wasn't planning on making it this detailed, but it just kinda turned out that way. I also made a cooked turkey, Indian corn, a pilgrim hat, and canned cranberry sauce, but those are special orders. I'll let you guys know when I post them all.

Oh and Halloween yesterday was totally fun. :) I'll post pics when I've gotten them from my aunt (cause she took all the pics). Alright time to clean up my sculpey mess.

Later! :)

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