Sunday, November 15, 2009

Featured Seller of the Day 11/15/2009

Just a quick update before we's only 40 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! I hope all my fellow Etsyians have got your shops stocked and your shopping started! :) Okay now onto today's Featured Seller!

Today's seller is also a very talented crochet artist who makes equally cute plushie characters. Her shop is called:

A hook, a skein, and a wild imagination!

So what kind of cool and cute creations can be found in this unique shop? Well how about a slice of toast with his own blog! :)

The Original Mr. Toastee - Crochet Bread and Butter Plushie

Yes, this beautiful slice of crocheted bread is toasted to perfection and proudly displaying his pat of 100% pure butter. But not only is he handsome, he is also a talented web author! You can read about his adventures at The Adventures of Mr. Toastee and Friends! Mr. Toastee is also available in rye and whole wheat, for those of you who prefer a healthy alternative to white bread. :)

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and I'm sure our next guest will be at most of your homes this year.

Mr. Turkee - Plush Turkey Leg Keychain

I love turkey legs! They are the best part of the turkey; hands down! Growing up there were three of us (until my twin brothers were born) and as you know turkeys only have 2 legs. This ALWAYS posed a problem. I have never figured out how, but my middle brother Steve ALWAYS managed to get one of them. Leaving me and my sister (and later my younger twin brothers) to fight over the remaining leg. To this very day, Steve always seems to walk away from the carnage of the family buffet with a turkey leg proudly displayed on his plate. And I always hate him for it. :) This cute keychain is perfect for those of us who love turkey legs, but never seem to be fast enough to get one. :)

Well so far we've covered breakfast and dinner, how about some dessert?

Happy Happy Ice Cream Cone - Lemon Sorbet

This ice cream cone is very happy. Why? Because he is made of yarn and won't ever melt! Now granted he probably doesn't have to worry too much about melting this time of year, but it won't be winter forever! Besides what color is sunnier and happier then lemon yellow? Definitely a very yummy (and happy!) treat. :)

Tomorrow's featured seller creates sweet treats! ::Hint - They crochet and work with clay!::


P.S. For more information on today's featured seller, please check out their Etsy profile here => yummypancake's Profile


  1. Awww, that bread is SO adorable! :)

  2. wow those are so cute!! great post :)

  3. Aren't they cute! I love Mr. Toastee's blog! It's too funny! XD



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