Thursday, July 1, 2010

Looooong Day Is Long... long in fact, that it lasted until early this morning! Okay, so the doctor's visit was about what I expected, all three got shots, all three cried, and all three were mad when they weren't aloud to take the toys from the waiting room home. But they all recovered pretty well after they got in the car with their lollipops. :)

The issue came after nap time. Apparently these specific shots sometimes make you feverish, sore, and REALLY cranky! My fault though, usually I give them a hit of Tylenol right before (or after) they get shots so the injection sites don't get swollen. And of course, for some reason, I didn't do that this time. The big guys weren't too bad at first, but the little one was miserable! Luckily once we gave him some pain meds, he went to sleep for the night and stayed there! Unfortunately one of his older brothers did not. He was up every two hours ALL night! Needless to say, I'm a wee bit sleepy this morning.

I did get a lot of time last night to think about random things, however. The theme that persisted the most was the idea of me (and maybe my husband if he's good) on my own tropical island, with no kids. :) Just the calm sound of waves on the shore, gentle ocean breezes, and nothing to do all day, but drink cool fruit beverages prepared by someone else! :) And my favorite island fruit flavor is definitely piƱa colada! I hope you are thirsty, cause that is today's theme! Enjoy! :)

YoYo Pineapple Delight Decorative Fruit by birose

Pina Colada Cupcakes by sweettoothfun

Pineapple Sherbet Mousse Silk Sock Yarn by CraftsMeow

Citrine & Pearls Pina Colada Necklace by carrieWdesigns

Realistic Pineapple Ring Soap Pair by daisycakessoap

Pina Colada Soy Candles in Coconut Shells by candlekitty

Have restful day! :)


  1. How sweet of you to share my pineapple with others! Thank you very much. Hope your kids are all better today and that you can get some rest. I like your blog!

  2. This is a great post and thanks so much for featuring my Pineapple Sherbet. I just started blogging again and clicked on you to start following. LOVE these crafty people!

  3. Thanks everybody! I'm glad you liked the feature and my blog!

    Rose - You're welcome, and the kids are doing much better today thanks! :)

    CraftsMeow - You're welcome and thanks for following me! :)



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