Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well this is new...

So we are all officially over the stomach bug! YAY! However, now my husband and two of the kids have ear infections instead. ::sigh:: This has not been a good summer health wise. Aren't all the sickness suppose to strike in the winter when we have to be stuck in the house anyways? Needless to say, I've been a little busy lately, still. I got this post done up yesterday during a brief period where everyone was sleeping! I guess that is one nice thing about everyone being sick, they sleep more. :) So building on the theme of being sick, today's mini treasury features some Etsy get well soon medicine. Enjoy! :)

Feel Good Pill Bottle in Red by LoucheLab

Candy Medicine Bottle Cap Necklace by PhotoLindsey

Doctor Doctor - 8x10 Photo by Dongedyframe

Plush Get Well Pill in Bottle by mypapercrane

Blue Hardback Book with Lyrics by BooksByStephen

3oz. Happy Pill Soap by LoveLeeSoaps

Have a healthy day! :)


  1. Rad page!! And cutest logo ever!

  2. Glad to see you're fam is over the bug... not so glad ya'll have ear infections! I hope everyone gets well soon!

    Oh, and I love the items you listed! Super cute!


  3. Thanks everyone! Luckily it seems that the ear infections are not lasting that long at all! Yay! :) So hopefully by the end of the week everyone will be healthy again!

  4. Haha, oh those are cute items, but I do hope your kids get better!



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