Friday, July 9, 2010

Dew Drops

Yesterday was a very foggy, misty morning. It was nice having some hot, dry days, but to me it has to be humid to feel like summer. :) Not that I particularly enjoy the humidity, it's just after living in New Jersey for so long, it's just become a part of summer for me. Besides when it's really humid, the dew in the morning is epic! Some days it looks like the lawn is covered in tiny gems! One of these mornings, when I'm not mostly asleep, I need to get out before the dew dissipates and get some pics! Until then, enjoy these Etsy dew drops in today's mini treasury!

Dew 12" X 9" Original Oil Painting by booboostudio

Morning Dew Floral Spider Web Mobile by TivoliDesign

Handmade Morning Dew Necklace by mycellardoor

Aquamarine Dew Drops - ACEO by Squier

Spider Web and Dew Photographic Print by kmaphoto

Dew Drop Grass Summer in Vermont Print by bluedreamsunshine

I also made a big treasury to go with today's post. You can check it out here. Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Oh I love seeing the dew in the morning :) It's so refreshing! Nice finds.

  2. What a beautiful concept. I love the dew in the morning.

  3. Thank you! Thank you so much for featuring my spiderweb mobile. I enjoyed your collection very much!
    ~Susan from Tivoli Design

  4. Thanks everybody! I really like the way this one turned out! :)

    KristiMcMurry - Me too! :) Though I wish it didn't have to be quite so early in the morning. ;)

    Susan - You're very welcome! :)



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