Thursday, July 22, 2010

B.R.A.T. pretty much all we've been eating around here for a week now. If you don't know already, it stands for Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce, and Toast, and it's basically what you eat with you have intestinal issues. So far we've gone through 2 bunches of bananas, 4 bags of boil-a-bag rice, a jar and a half of apple sauce, and a whole loaf of bread. Having three sick kids is no fun at all. :P On the upside, this week I've had more rice then I've had in a long time. :) I love rice, especially sticky rice! My husband got me a rice cooker one year for my birthday, and we used to use it at least twice a week. But when we moved it got lost in the shuffle and we kind of forgot it existed. I still have a lot of kitchen stuff that's packed, because this house is smaller then our last one, but my new mission once the kids are feeling better is to find the rice cooker! After have boil-a-bag rice for a week straight, I am so ready to go back to the good stuff! So today's theme is one of my favorite side dishes ever: white rice! :) Enjoy!

Rice Patterned Ring Dishes by baileybowls

Pouch with Navy Blue Rice Bowl by EmiShimosato

Organic Thai Jasmine Rice Blend by ZenNubian7

Rice Pearl Bracelet by ChocolateKate

Rice Flower and Shea Soap by LusciousLather

Chinese Rice Bowl ACEO Giclee Print by artiparti

Have a yummy day! :)


  1. Mmmmm
    I'm happy to meet a fellow sticky rice lover!

  2. Thank you so much for including my pouch :) I've posted about your blog on my twitter! Thank you!

  3. So I *can* totally steal your food processor and ice cream maker! Good to know!

  4. Thanks everybody! :)

    JanetDavies - I <3 sticky rice! :)

    Kyoko (EmiShimosato) - You are very welcome! And thanks for posting about my blog! :)

    And no Amber, you can't have my ice cream maker OR my food processor. :P



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