Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pool Weather

There is nothing better in life then floating in a cool pool on a hot day! I'm sure I've said this before, but I would live in a pool if I could! Anyway since the last week has been so warm (even at night), my mom's pool has been in the 80s, and I've been over there every night! :) So I thought today I would do a pool themed mini treasury! Enjoy!

The Plunge No.3 - Giclee on Stretched Canvas by gracegallery

Vintage Printers Block - Swimming Hole by TurnersCollectibles

Ceramic Wedding Cake Topper - Love Birds by orlydesign

Extra Long Silver Necklace with Lampwork Beads by Ulixis

Cerulean Sparkle Hand Dyed Merino Sock Yarn by portfiber

Cruise Blue Crest Mesh Tote by JaynaUmeda

Oh and I also did a big treasury to go along with this one! You can check it out here. Have a cool day!


  1. i WISH i had easy access to a pool - i don't count the Y because it's always so packed..... it's so hot this summer!

    thanks so much for including my necklace!

  2. what a lovely collection! wish we splurged on that pool this summer! love everything ulixis!

    siempre- dorana

  3. A pool day sounds fabulous! I love all the cool blue tones in your collection!

  4. Oh yes, a pool day indeed. I love the blue, and they all look so fresh. I am going for a dip now!

  5. Very nice! There are several pools I could go to, but they're all at least 30 minutes away and I never feel like driving :(

    So you swim enough for me too! <3

  6. Thanks everybody! I'm glad you liked the post! The pool was sooo nice yesterday. The water was almost warmer then the air! :)

    Amanda - You're welcome! I used to belong to the Y, but you're right, there are always too many people there.

    Dorana - I keep telling my husband we should get one, but he's not a swimmer, so he thinks I should just keep going to my mom's. :P Ulixis's stuff is beautiful isn't it? :) I love that necklace!

    Big Yellow Dog - That blue is the color I always associate with swimming pools. It makes me feel cool just looking at it! :)

    ThreadBeaur - I wish I could go again today, but I think my mom would like a kid free day once in a while. ;)

    KristiMcMurry - Will do! I plan on doing a lot of pool time this weekend, if the weather holds! :)



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