Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Apple a Day

Well even if I do eat an apple today, I still have to face the inevitable: taking all three kids in for their check-ups! This should be fun and exciting. In the past I've usually taken the twins together, and the youngest by himself. I've never had the pleasure of taking them all at the same time. I'll let you all know if I survive. :) Anyway I thought today would be a good day to do a doctor themed mini treasury. Enjoy! :)

Be a Doctor PDF Pattern by GulfCoastCottagePDF

Wooden Doll Doctor Playset by theenchantedcupboard

Handmade Intarsia Doctor Bear by WoodenArtbyTom

Apple Cut Paper Wall Art by supercoolspyclub

Operation Board Game Spiral Notebook by ivylanedesigns

Grace the Nurse Ornament by TheHouseOfMouse

Have a healthy day! :)


  1. Thanks, Jennie. Too cute! Check out the link to your blog, and if you like, comment:

  2. Good luck! Sounds like a challenge!

  3. I love it! Thanks for showing off my fun playset. It was ordered first by the parents of a little girl in Japan who didn't like to go places, this set helped her be able to role play what would happen and feel better about the trip. I love that my items can help and be fun.
    Thanks again!

  4. Cute! Good luck with the doctor visit :)

  5. Ah your little darlings will behave as always! Good luck my dear and here's hoping someone or two are going with you to help out!!! auntie ann

  6. Thanks everybody, I'm glad you liked the feature! Oh and thanks for all the luck, I needed it! :)

    Ivy - You're welcome! I'm off to check it out your blog right now!

    mrsbeccijo - That's so cute! My mom actually got my kids doctor's kits for their birthdays. :) They love them!

    Auntie Ann - Thanks Auntie Ann, it was an adventure as always! :)



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