Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pirates vs. Ninjas!

Who would win? It's the question of the ages. Sure "Where do we come from?" and "If a tree falls in the woods, would anyone hear it?" are good questions too, but this one is at the forefront of geek discussions everywhere!

So who would win in fight between pirates and ninjas? Well that depends on who you ask. :) I've always been a ninja person myself, though pirate ships are really cool too. It really comes down to stealth and finesse vs. power and fearlessness. Ninjas rule the night, pirates rule the sea. Ninjas have cool pointy (and ridiculously well made) weapons, pirates have swords and guns. And while ninjas train their whole lives to develop their skills, pirates get to get drunk on boat in the middle of the Caribbean (among other places). :) So who do you think would win? You can cast your vote in my poll on the sidebar and we'll see is triumphant! :)

In all honesty I have no idea what got me thinking about pirates and ninjas, but it did lead me to create two really cool new Christmas ornaments! :) The first one is a pirate flag.

Jolly Roger Pirate Flag Felt Christmas Ornament

The perfect ornament to add some Yo Ho Ho to your Christmas tree! ;) The second piece is ninja related.

Ninja Christmas Star Shuriken Ornament - Embroidered Felt

This would make the perfect Secret Santa present! And since there are so many awesome ninjas and pirates on Etsy, I made a treasury in honor of them too!

Ninjas vs. Pirates!

Have an exciting day! :)


  1. If the ninjas were doing their job properly then the pirates would never see them coming, right? I mean they'd just drop out of the sails or whatever and quietly kill all the pirates - especially if they were all drunk on rum at the time! :D

  2. oh hard choice.. but i would go with the stealthy ninja as well.
    hmmm. but what about a hybrid - pirate ninjas?

  3. pirate ninjas would be awesome! they would b stealthy, powerful, and fearless AND they would use throwing stars as well as swords

  4. ooo- tough choice! I am going to have to go with cabin and say pirate ninjas would be unstoppable killing machines!

  5. I will have to say ninjas because the pirates are usually drinking their rum and that might make them a little slower than the fast stealthy ninjas. LOL!

  6. Well aside from the pirate ninja idea, it looks like ninjas are totally winning this fight! :) We'll see though, the poll is open till Monday!



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