Friday, June 11, 2010

A Rose... any other name would smell as sweet. I LOVE roses. :) They are one of my favorite flowers. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, but I've never seen one I didn't like. :) The language of flowers, which was was popular in Victorian times, used different types and colors of flowers to relay secret messages between lovers. Included in the language are over 10 different color roses! A yellow rose stood for friendship, pink for grace, and red for true love. :) Even today a dozen red roses is still a very popular gift to show how much you love someone. The rose also happens to be the birth flower for June. And though I haven't found anything that says if a certain color is supposed to be used, I decided to make today's mini treasury a beautiful, bunch of deep red roses! Happy Birthday (once again) to all of you born in June! Enjoy! :)

The Rhory Necklace - Rose Leaf Necklace by laktjohnson

Miniature Red Roses Topiary by Mycraftgarden

Rose 3 - Original Watercolor Painting by ReddogRoads

Botanical Rose Petal Bath Bar by MumzSoapShop

Rose Garden Knit Scarf by SeasideKnitting

Red Rose Clutch with Pearls by Lemka

Have a very rosy day! :)


  1. beautiful and interesting, great picks too ♥

  2. Thank you for featuring my necklace! Great picks!

  3. love roses! and love that clutch!

  4. what a great collection! love the scarf :D

  5. I love the smell of roses! I think I want that soap!

  6. great picks! the scarf - wow, love it!

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you liked the feature! I LOVE roses! :)

    Kristin - You're welcome! :)

    jdavissquared - Isn't that cute? I love the texture of it. I bet it feels really cool!

    ana & Joy White - My grandma made a afgan with roses like that on it, I thought it was such a neat idea to use the roses to make a scarf!

    Diana - My husband got me roses for our anniversary not long ago. I could sit and smell them for hours. :)



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