Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kids still not sleeping...

I missed yesterday's post because I don't think I fully woke up for the day till about 5pm. I mean I was awake, but I wasn't "awake". :) I really hope my kids start sleeping through the night again, it's beginning to feel like I have newborns again, just without all the bottle washing.

Anyway, I wanted to start doing a birthstone and flower of the month theme, towards the beginning of each month, but I kinda missed the beginning of the month for April. In May I'm planning on doing them in the first and second week of the month, but since it's almost the end of April, I'm going to do them the same week this month. We've already done the birthstone for April, which was diamond, so now we shall move onto the flower of the month, which is the Daisy or
Sweet Pea.

Sweet Peas come in many different colors and have a sweet, fragrant smell, that gives them their name. Daises have yellow centers and delicate white petals, and are actually one of my favorite flowers. :) I hope you all enjoy this delightful April bouquet!

Daisy IV - Mixed Media Painting by cathysavelspaintings

8" x 10" Sweet Pea 1 - Open Edition Photographic Print by kaalisti

Sweet Pea Polymer Clay Flowers by Mycraftgarden

Daisy Blank Diary or Journal by kerri9494

White Daisy Flower - 11x14 Metallic Print by livingwithart

Sweetest of Sweet Peas Watercolor by jdoozedesigns

Have a beautiful day! :)

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