Thursday, April 15, 2010

~ YAWN! ~

Some of you might have noticed that I didn't post yesterday. There's a funny story there. If you've read my last post, you know that Monday night my kids were restless, and didn't sleep well, meaning I was awake a lot in the night. Tuesday I woke up tired and thought it would be cute to do a bed related post cause I was tired. I had no idea what tired was when I posted that post!

Tuesday night around 2:00am one of my twins had there first "real" nightmare. You know, the kind you remember when you wake up, that you think about all day the next day, cause it creeped you out so much? Well that was the kind he had. He told me that there were eyes on the ceiling and monsters in his room, and he would NOT go back to sleep. I got him to fall asleep briefly a couple times, but at 5am I gave up and woke my husband up an hour early and put them both in front of the TV in the living room with blankets and went back to bed.

Needless to say, yesterday I was basically the walking dead, which equals no posting. I actually tried working on some sewing in the afternoon, but I was so tired I sewed the face on the front of the bunny and the ears on the back, so I stopped! :) But, THANK GOD ABOVE he slept through the night last night, or I would be even more dead today!

So since my last couple days (and nights) have been dealing with monsters, that shall be today's theme! (Don't worry, they aren't too scary. Scary things scare me!) ;)

Beholder Steampunk Sculpture by CatherinetteRings

Omar the Alien Amigurumi Pattern by cheezombie

King Alien Handmade Lampwork Sculpture by Jasio

14" Monster Pillow Cover with Pillow by Zooguu

Lipstick and Camo Cthulhu Key Chain by UglyGerbil

Loch Ness Monster Plate by notengomiedo

Have a great day, and sweet dreams tonight! :)


  1. Oh lordy I also have twins ! I think I once figured out between my 4 I lost 8 years of sleep ! Poor bunny : )

  2. Sounds about right. :) Are your twins boys too?

    Jennie :)



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