Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~ Yawn! ~

Okay this is going to once again be a late post. But this time it's because my children decided they really weren't interested in sleeping last night. I really don't understand kids sometimes. If I had the ability to sleep for 9 or 10 hours I would take it in a heart beat! But nooooo! Sleep is the enemy! Bedtime is the most horrible invention adults have ever come up with! And they will keep thinking that until they are teenagers and then I won't be able to pull them out of bed with a tow-truck. :) So today's theme is where I want to be right now: bed! Enjoy! :)

2 Tan, Black, & Red Floral Print Pillows by irelandinteriors

Under the Apple Tree Canopy Bed by attiladesign

The Spengler Platform Bed by eastvoldfurniture

Pink Canary and Redwood Throw Pillow by aeolistdesign

Pair of Orange Bird Cushion Covers by Mookah

Dingle Clay and Steel Bed by deliafurniture

Hope you have a great day, and a restful night! :)


  1. Cute idea! I could use a little more sleep myself. I find as I get older that I wake up earlier and earlier...

  2. LOL, this is a hilarious post. I'm expecting my first (a boy!) in June and ahhhhhhh, hearing bits like this about what it's like to have kids makes me "so excited" hehe.

    And...what I wouldn't give for that canopy bed...

  3. germandolls - I wouldn't mind getting up earlier if I could go to bed earlier too! :)

    Orgo Cosmetics - Congrats on the soon-to-be baby! Boys are lots of fun, and my mother tells me that eventually they sleep all the way throught the night too! :) Good luck with you new family!

    Oh and I agree that bed is beautiful!!! :)

    Jennie :)



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