Monday, April 5, 2010


I ate WAY too much of my kid's Easter candy yesterday! Why do I do that every year? It wouldn't be so bad if it was only once a year, but there are lots of candy holidays! Luckily this is the last one for a while. So, in honor of my slowing fading sugar buzz, here is an Easter candy themed post. Enjoy! (But not too much, you might get a tummy ache!) ;)

Cadbury Busted Original Oil Painting by BorisG

Soapy Chicks - Vegan Soap by ajsweetsoap

Peeps Note Card by dbPhoto

Jelly Bean Earrings by roscata

Chocolate Bunny - Goats Milk Soap by soapopotamus

Creme Egg Recycled Felt Sculpture by britishcreamtea

Have a sweet (but not too sweet!) day! :)


  1. Ohh yummy!! I may just have to go and raid my chocolate pile now!

  2. Casey - Thanks! :) Sadly my chocolate pile is already gone. :(

    Jennie :)

  3. Easter candy is awesome : )
    Lovely finds!

    Those Russell Stover truffle eggs are my new addiction, they are by far the most awesome candy this Easter!

  4. Sarah Knight - Thanks! My husband is the truffle eater in this house. I'll have to see if I can find some on sale for him. Thanks for the tip! :)

    Jennie :)

  5. What a great collection. I'm in awe of the "Cadbury Busted" painting. :)

  6. Rachael - Thanks! Isn't that a great piece? The foil looks so real! :)

    Jennie :)



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