Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What could be better then a beautiful spring day?

A beautiful spring night! :) Probably not going to happen tonight though, as it is very cloudy and raining at the moment, but I'm hoping it at least turns partly cloudy instead, because tonight is a full moon! Well actually it's tomorrow, but it's during the day, so I figure the night before and after count too. :) Some people think that a full moon brings out all the crazy people. I wouldn't be surprised if it has some effect on people, but most of the people I deal with regularly (like my family and friends) are already crazy, so not much of a difference there. ;) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this selection inspired by a spring night! :)

Beltaine Moon Oil Painting On Canvas by SteelGreyArt

Moon Screen Printed Babydoll Shirt by WrenWillow

Smile - Fine Art Nature Photograph by Raceytay

Raku Fired Art Tile - Trees and Full Moon by DavisVachon

Nighty Night Baby Hat in Blue by TheStitcheryBoutique

Moonlight in Spring Original Oil Painting by ImmortalButterfly

Have a great day and a beautiful night! :)


  1. Oh, thank you for including my photo amid these lovelies!


  2. What a fun post and lovely feature.

  3. Thanks for including my Nighty Night Hat, such a nice compliment for me!


  4. wow - thank you!!! Funny thing, we just got home and I saw the huge moon on the horizon and pointed it out to my toddler and husband. Beautiful selection - and awesome blog. Thank you!! - marla

  5. Raceytay - You're welcome! It's a beautiful picture! :)

    Dyche Designs - This was a fun one. :) There were a lot more moons on Etsy then I would have thought!

    The Stitchery Boutique - You're welcome! It's such a cute hat! Makes me wish my kids were still babies. :)

    wrenwillow - You're welcome! I missed the moon last night, but I'm planning on taking a look tonight, cause it's supposed to be a nice clear night tonight. :)

    Jennie :)



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