Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hopscotch and Other Reasons to Throw Things

For some reason my kids love hopscotch. I think it has something to do with their love of counting and their love of throw things. :) So my parents got them a foam hopscotch board for their birthday. They LOVE it! They having been playing with it non-stop since we gave it to them last night! The only problem I've run into is while the older kids like to actually play hopscotch, the little one likes to take it apart and throw the pieces around instead. :) But at least they are all playing together, sort of. ;) Anyway I thought hopscotch would be a cute theme for the day, so here you go! Enjoy! :)

Geometric Hopscotch Silver Earrings by elsapo

The Road - 6-1/2" x 10" Fine Art Print by tJphoto

Hopscotch - 30" x 45" Oil on Canvas by DeleeDeCap

Girl Playing Hopscotch Matted Print by joyart

Hopscotch Wooden Keepsake Box by EricaOrgen

Hopscotch Notebook by lesliehollinsdesigns

Hope you have a hoppy day! ;)


  1. I think I still love hopscotch :) I love those hopscotch earrings- so cute!

  2. Wonderful collection! I love hopscotch.

  3. It is a VERY cute theme :) I haven't played hopscotch in forever!

  4. thank you for including my hopscotch box!

  5. Sounds like the little ones need to play corn hole, the tossing game.

  6. adorable collection. makes me want to go out and try hopscotch for old times sake ;)

  7. Thanks for you lovely comments everyone! :)

    Amanda - Aren't they cute? What a good idea for earrings! :)

    EricaOrgen - You're welcome! :)

    Angelia - I've never heard of that one. How do you play?

    KristiMcMurry & ana - I was playing with chalk with the kids the other day, and I actually forgot how to draw a hopscotch board! XD I guess I'm a little rusty! :)

  8. remonds me of the good ole days :)

  9. Still one of my favorite recess games ;)

  10. Sarah & Sarah B. - I tried playing it with my kids the other day, turns out I'm a little rusty. ;)



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