Friday, December 4, 2009

On the third Day of Christmas... true love gave to me, three French hens, and a backache from picking up millions of Froot Loops someone decided to throw on the floor! Well actually multiple someones, as the Froot Loop eaters in the house are twins. And while no day with kids goes very smoothly, I did get a lot of pictures done yesterday! I also got to straighten up a little while they napped. Thank Heaven for nap time! However, it is now time for me to declare defeat in one area. I was unable to find enough French hens in groups of three to make up a six block set. :( I knew that would happen eventually, as I doubt there are very many pictures of "six geese" doing much of anything let alone "a laying"! :) But I was hoping I would at least get through the first 4 or 5. Oh well. C'est la vie! And on that French note, back to our song! ;)

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, three French hens...

Pair of Nesting Hens by Rainsend

Posh Red and White Chicken Bookmark by cuteandfun

Three French Hens by studiotomasking

Needle Felted Wool Chicken by naturalkidsandtoys

Abundance Hen by origamispirit

Stuffed Hen with Her Four Chicks by RattaWan

... two turtle doves ...

Special Delivery - 8 X 12 print by matouenpeluche

... And a partridge in a pear tree!

Partridge and Pears Ornament by SandhraLee

See you tomorrow for another installment!

Later! :)


  1. Hi Jennie,

    Your blog is a lot of fun! Thank you for posting my Abundance Hen here together with the others. I LOVE hens!
    I invite you to visit my blog also, where more origami crafts are featured.

  2. Thank you so much for including my "Special Delivery" print! What a terrific idea you have here! Love your blog too!! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Leyla Torres - Thanks! Your blog is cute as well, and I'm following you now! :)

    Sam - Thank you and you're welcome! I'm glad you liked the feature!

    Jennie :)



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