Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13th - Happy Saint Lucia's Day!

Yet another December holiday is upon us. Today in the European region of Scandinavia (and in many other places as well), people celebrate St. Lucy's (or St. Lucia's) Day! To bring light to the darkest day of the year, a girl is chosen to wear Lucia's crown of candles to light her people's way in the darkness. It is celebrated in slightly different ways in each country. For example in Sweden, the oldest daughter of the family dresses up like Lucia, in a white gown with a red sash, puts on the candle crown, and serves her parents and other family members coffee and a special sweet roll made with saffron, called a lussekatt, before the sun comes up. In other places one girl is chosen from the whole town and heads a public parade followed by other boys and girls, also dressed in white and red, who carry candles behind her. This time of year when it's getting darker much earlier and the cold seems to seep through the walls, it's nice to remember that this too will pass and soon the light and warmth will return. :)

Sankta Lucia Print by TheNebulousKingdom

Santa Lucia's Day Crown Kit by LisetteDipasquale

Noel 6 x 6 Inch Illustration by claire

Swedish Duck Card by AnimalParties

Felt Saint Lucy Softie by SaintlySilver

Saffron Buns Fine Art Photo #4 by sugarspot

Happy St. Lucy's Day! :)


  1. Hi there thanks for featuring my photo!

  2. Lovely, just lovely! Thank you for featuring my print :) Happy Holidays to you and your dear readers!

  3. mothersvea - You're welcome! :)

    Kylie B - I love the contrast of the red against the white. I bet watching one of the parades in person would be amazing! :)

    Anne-Julie - You're welcome again! And Happy Holidays to you too! :)

    Jennie :)



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