Friday, January 7, 2011

Sugar Rush!

This Halloween I got a craving for a candy I hadn't had in a long time: Pixy Stix! I went out to the grocery store to pick some up, but they didn't have any. Over the next couple of weeks I searched all of the stores in my area, but I couldn't find them anywhere. :( Then on Tuesday, I went to Michael's to spend the gift card I'd gotten for Christmas and there they were, right by the checkout!

I was so excited that I called my husband to tell him and then briefly considered spending my entire gift card on Pixy Stix! :D My husband talked me down. But I did buy four bags! :) Yes I am weird, I just usually keep it to myself. ;)

I have been snacking on a few here and there all week. So while trying to come up with a theme for today's post, I decided why not do something with sugar! I looked for Pixy Stix specific items, but there weren't enough to do a standard sized treasury. Instead what I came up with is a treasury full of brightly colored sugary pieces, some of which are made of actual sugar. :) I hope you enjoy this sweet mini treasury! :)

Sweet Strawberry Ring Pop Candy Resin Ring by athinalabella

Rock Candy Soap Complete Set by LoveLeeSoaps

12 Dozen Sugar Cookie Lollipops by FunFavors

Ribbon Candy 8x10 Fine Art Print by SharonWhelton

Vegan Marshmallow Sushi Candy by friendlycreationss

Orange Creamsicle Polymer Clay Necklace by roscata

And here is the big treasury that matches it!

Have a sweet day! :)


  1. Aren't they cute? :D I picked the red one for the treasury cause it's my favorite flavor. :D



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