Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow!

It snowed again this weekend! :) This time it was just enough to make everything look pretty, but not enough to screw up the roads too badly. I decided to go out while it was still snowing and take a bunch of pics. :) I haven't fixed them all yet, but I did post a few on Flickr this morning. Here's my favorite from the bunch I've already posted:


It's a little stream, set back in the woods at the park near my house! I didn't even know it was there, because during the non-snowy season, the woods are completely overgrown with pricker bushes and you can't walk back that far. But since everything was covered with snow, I was able to walk along some of the deer paths pretty deep into the trees. :) It was so beautiful and peaceful wandering along the paths through the woods! I'll post the rest of them on Flickr either today or tomorrow. :)

In keeping with the wintry theme, today's mini treasury is all about snow! Enjoy! :)

Shakespeare Leatherbound Journal by immortallongings

Father Frost 8x10 Photography Print by photographybymoni

Snowflakes in the Sky Necklace by JanPalomboDesign

Shoulder Bag with Downhill Skier by MondayMorningStudios

Winter Wonderland Beaded Bookmark by lmgdesign

Turquoise Morning Sky Corespun Silk Yarn by greybirdtextiles

And here's the big treasury that matches it!

Have a cool day! :)


  1. What wonderful and beautiful surprise to find that stream. Nature truly is the greatest artist!

    Your snow treasury is just gorgeous - the blues are so vivid! Thanks for including my vintage skier bag in your collection.

  2. Lovely Treasury! Makes winter tolerable!

  3. Thanks everyone I'm glad you liked the post! :)

    mondaymorningstudios - You're very welcome! I was really excited to find the stream, I'm going to try to get some more pics of it next time there's snow! :)



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