Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is that?

It's some sort of bright light in the sky. Could it really be the sun?? Yesterday it was 6:30am ALL DAY! It didn't get any brighter at all, just thick, low gray clouds and rain the whole time. It felt like the sun was never going to come back! But today, it's clear and sunny! Thank goodness! :) It's so much easier to get motivated to do things when it's bright and cheery outside. :)

By now you may have noticed, that I didn't get a chance to post yesterday's mini treasury, yesterday. Unfortunately the weather being gray and rainy, has the opposite affect on my children that it has on me, they get hyperactive! So, yesterday was spent chasing them around my house. Today, whether it's muddy or not, we are going outside so they can blow off some steam! But right now, I have more important things to do, like post today's (well yesterday's) mini treasury! :)

Today's theme is Candles Across Etsy! Hopefully if it's gray and rainy where you live, the warm glow of candlelight will help you get through your day a little easier. :) Enjoy! :)

Orange Mosaic Tealight Holder by Kellybean607

Birthday Celebrations - Photo Greeting Card by JMcGuinness

Dollhouse Candles Wood Bowl by miniaturecabindecor4

Autumn Maple Leaf Luminary by paperplanet

Candle - Original Oil Painting by jpwalter

Vintage Heavy Pottery Insulator from susantique

If you like the small treasury, then make sure you check out the big treasury that matches it!

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For more information, check out my Giveaways page! Have a warm and bright day! :)

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  1. No grey skies here? its been sunny and bright for the last week. Sunny skies make the best kind of day



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