Friday, September 17, 2010

The Month of the Sapphire

Moving away from fall colors today, with a post feature September's birthstone: the Sapphire! :) I've always loved sapphires. It's my favorite stone after emerald (my birthstone) and my favorite color after purple. :) Sapphires actually come in every color (though red sapphires are called rubies), but the most prized color is the deep blue that the color sapphire gets it's name from. In the past sapphires were thought to protect against poison, and when given as gifts, represented sincerity and faithfulness. Deep and mysterious, this stone is the perfect fit to those born in September! :) Happy Birthday to all of you born this month! :)

Original Tree Painting - Twilight Evening by BestArtStudios2

Electric Blue Crab Lollipops - Set of Three by VintageConfections

Hand Embroidered Wall art Cobalt and Copper by HAREandDRUM

Two Rice or Noodles Bowls with Chopsticks by dbabcock

Sapphire Color Midnight Blue Czech Glass & Sterling Silver Earrings by PoleStar

Real Sapphire Blue Rhetus Periander Butterfly by REALBUTTERFLYGIFTS

Make sure you check out my full sized treasury, for more sapphire goodies! Have a beautiful day! :)



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